Bukayo Saka Injury report

    Bukayo Saka2 1
    Bukayo Saka2 1

    Arsenal player Bukayo Saka injured his knee during the match against Leeds United over the weekend and the damage may cost Arsenal a lot. Saka has grown to become an elite young soccer player and he has contributed a lot to Arsenal, from scoring goals to racking up assists, helping out on the defensive end, and he’s also the only player on the 2020 Arsenal team who can create goal-scoring chances easily than any other players.

    He started with Arsenal as an academy player, however, he is now on the first team, and he is also playing for England’s national team at a very young age of 19.

    Bukayo Saka was injured when a Leeds United player made contact with him around the knee area when they both went for the ball. Here is what Arsenal Coach Arteta said about Bukayo Saka’s injury. “He was in pain,” Arsenal boss Arteta told the club’s official website of 19-year-old Saka. “We’re going to have to assess with the medical staff how bad it is, but it looked like a pretty bad challenge and he was in pain so we decided to take him out straight away.” 

    Saka, 19, did not travel with Arsenal and he will not be part of the players that will play against Molde in the UEFA Europa League. The Gunners face Molde in the UEFA Europa League on Thursday.

    Bukayo Saka’s rise to stardom.

    He joined the team as an academy player and he is a standout player with his left foot forward always. He plays on the left-wing and he is capable of moving very fast pass defenders. He has a good passing rating, great shots at goals, and his football decision-making skills are exceptional.

    Bukayo Saka’s stats in all competition

    Arsenal player, Bukayo Saka’s stat as of November 2020 is below. He has played 7 games in the Premier League so far this year and he scored 1 goal.

    Premier League


    Europa League


    UEFA EURO U-21



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