Brendan Rodgers of Leicester City shows footballers how to deal with social media abuse

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The manager of Leicester City, Brendan Rodgers believes that footballers always feel bad about the abuses they get from social media because they go on the internet to get validation for their performance from their followers.

Hence, the 48-year-old Northern Irish football tactician urged footballers to stay away from social media if they can not take the abuses they are exposed to on the platform.

In recent time, the number of footballers that are racially abused on social media is on the rise. Most of the victims of the racial attacks get discriminatory comments and sometimes direct messages with words or emojis that racially mock footballers especially after a bad game.

Some of the recent victims of racial attacks via social media include Manchester United trio Marcus Rashford, Axel Tuanzebe, and Anthony Martial. Manchester City’s forward Raheem Sterling has also suffered his share of racial attacks on social media.

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Recently, Bayern Munich star, Alphonso Davies and his lover Jordyn Huitema revealed how they have been suffering from racist attacks on social media.

Brendan Rodgers of Leicester City shows footballers how to deal with social media abuse
A cross-section of Leicester City players.

Based on the rising number of reports on racism against footballers, Brendan Rodgers stressed the need for the companies that own the social media platforms where footballers are abused to discourage such a practice. He also wants the government to do something about it.

However, the Leicester City football manager wants footballers not to depend on what they read or see on social media to determine how good or poorly they performed after a football game. He reminded footballers that they will always be criticized, hence, the soccer stars should cultivate the culture of not allowing what people say about them to control how they feel about themselves.

“There are probably a couple of sides to it,” Rodgers said. “You have the racist stuff and discrimination which is not acceptable at all and that is something the Government and people in charge of the social media outlets have to get a handle on.

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“The other side is you are going to get criticism, so you are going to have to be able to take it. If not, don’t go on it.

“You have to take the rough with the smooth. If you are only on there to receive gratification for everything you’ve done really well and the minute you don’t do something well and get criticized for it you crumble, then that’s not saying a great deal.

“If it is negative you have to accept it. I would say casually to players that if they need it, great, but if you don’t I don’t see why you would bother and don’t look for the gratification to see how well you’ve done just by switching on social media.”

Brendan Rodgers will lead Leicester City to face Brighton on Wednesday, February 10, in FA Cup 5th round. The match is expected to kick-off at 20:30 at King Power Stadium.

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