Brazil Football Legend Pele Hospitalized For Heart Failure…Details


    Brazil football legend Pele has been reportedly hospitalized following a recent heart failure and swelling all over his body.

    Pele hospitalized for heart failure

    The former Brazil international and legendary footballer is said to be currently undergoing treatment at the Albert Einstein Hospital Sao Paulo following the incident.

    The 82-year-old, suffering from metastatic cancer, was rushed and admitted to the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo on Tuesday.

    According to ESPN Brasil, Pele’s condition is ‘debilitated’ as the football icon continues his long battle with cancer.

    After his wife Marcia Aoki and his carer took him to the hospital, the medical staff confirmed anasarca (general swelling), and edematous syndrome (general edema), including a ‘decompensated heart failure,’ which causes functional limitation of the heart.

    According to reports, the medical doctor further confirmed that his chemotherapy treatment is no longer working.

    On entering the hospital, Pele became restless and was reportedly diagnosed with mental confusion.

    The medical staff confirmed that he will be under more tests and medical examinations to ascertain the other organs that has been affected by metastatic cancer.


    Also troubling the former footballer is his inability to eat. Reports have it that he is currently struggling to have his meals.

    The medical personnel is also expected to check on the possibility of him suffering from hepatic encephalopathy – a nervous system disorder caused by severe liver disease.

    At the time of filing this report, it has been confirmed that Albert Einstein hospital has no set time for Pele’s discharge.

    While fears have gripped the football world following the latest development on the football icon’s health, his daughter Kelly Nascimento has seemed to allay the concerns of sympathizers and well-wishers as she insists that her Dad will be fine, that the health challenge is not a surprise.

    Taking to her social media handle, Kelly Nascimento wrote;

    “Lots of alarm in the media today concerning my dad’s health. He is in the hospital regulating medication.

    ‘There is no emergency or new dire prediction. I will be there for New Year’s and promise to post some pictures.’

    While football fans wish the football icon a speedy recovery, the words of her daughter Kelly can be taken for granted since it has been confirmed that she does not stay in Brazil and may not be aware of the true state of her father’s health.

    Meanwhile, there are no comments yet from the medical officials on Pele’s health despite the fact that his wife did confirm he has been hospitalized for his standard chemotherapy and check-ups.

    Joe Fraga, Pele’s agent, has also added that he does not know the health status of the Brazil icon after being contacted over the recent development.

    Pele has battled myriads of health challenges in recent years as his health status keeps deteriorating. In 2021, he was hospitalized and had to undergo a surgical operation after he developed a tumor in his colon.

    In 2020, Pele’s revealed that his father was battling depression as his health condition worsened.


    He also confirmed that Pele could not walk without assistance and was stuck in the house.

    However, Pele later comes out to dispute his son’s statement, saying he is ‘good’ and has accepted his ‘physical limitations and tries to maintain his routines and ‘keep the ball rolling.’

    He further added thet he has ‘good days and bad days,’ which is ‘normal’ for people of his age.

    Pele is regarded as a global football icon and the only player to win three World Cup trophies. Futballnews had taken stock of the records and achievements of the legendary football icon.


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