Ben White OF Arsenal And His Tattoos: Here Are All About Them

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Ben White of Arsenal is a passionate body tattoo wearer, as evidenced by recent photos.

Ben White OF Arsenal Is A Lover Of Tattoo
Ben White’s body is covered in tattoos.

The 25-year-old defender for England has several tattoos covering his chiseled body.

His most recent tattoo, a butterfly by A Star Tattoos that became popular on TikTok, is on his back.

In the summer, he flaunted identical “I Love You” tattoos that he and his fiancée Milly Adams had gotten soon after getting engaged.

While the word “Shine” is printed in a stylish black typeface on his neck.

Futballnews examines his tattoos and speculates on their possible meanings.

To begin with, who is Ben White?

Ben White

English professional footballer Benjamin William White (born 8 October 1997) competes for Premier League team Arsenal and the England national team as a defender. He can play as a right-back but is primarily a center-back.

With Brighton & Hove Albion, White started his professional club career at the age of 18 in 2016. From 2016 and 2019, he was on loan to Leeds United, Peterborough United, and Newport County.

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Afterwards, he participated in the four English professional leagues and helped Leeds win the Championship.

After spending a season at Brighton, White became the most expensive defender for Arsenal in 2021 when he signed with them in a transfer that set a club record for association football.

At the age of 23, White earned his senior international debut for England and was chosen for their teams for the UEFA Euro 2020 and the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Ben White’s Tattoos

Here, we will talk about Ben White’s several tattoos and what they all mean to him…


White added a butterfly on his torso, which was written beneath an encouraging word, on his back.

Ben White OF Arsenal Is A Lover Of Tattoo
The Butterfly is Ben White’s latest addition.

Although the connotation hasn’t been made clear, it may allude to the notion of soar. Ben’s football squad is currently on a roll, and so is he.

It was made by A Star Tattoos, a side venture of A Star Barber, the barber known for trimming Paul Pogba and Jack Grealish.

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White is one of the barber’s regulars, and he has made numerous for him.


White’s body is awash in encouraging words and messages.

Ben White OF Arsenal Is A Lover Of Tattoo
White’s tattoo on the neck inscribed “Shine.”

Moreover, the word “Shine” is written on his neck. There is a little cross there.

We don’t know if White is religious, but he attended the Queen Elizabeth’s School in Dorset when he was a child, which upholds strict Church of England principles.


White’s chest is covered in a huge tattoo of a lion’s eyes.

Professional footballers frequently get lion tattoos; examples include Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Memphis Depay. Once more, it represents power and bravery.

Emile Smith Rowe, another member of his Arsenal club, reportedly took inspiration from the tattoo when he later got a lion sleeve on his arm.

Matching ink

White proposed to his gorgeous fiancée Milly Adams last summer.

Ben White OF Arsenal Is A Lover Of Tattoo
White and Adams have crimson hearts on their thumbs.

The infatuated pair marked the occasion by having identical “I Love You” phrases tattooed on their hands.

They were soon seen having a romantic getaway in an unidentified sun-drenched destination.

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They displayed a fresh pair of matching patterns while on a rented yacht. This time, both of their thumbs were covered in adorable hearts.

Ben’s hand also has the year 1959 and his star sign, the Libra. It’s unclear, but it might be the year a relative was born.

Born to do it

On White’s back, there is another tattoo that is easy to recognize.

White and Milly Adams, his fiancée, both have two identical tattoos.

He has the year 1997 inscribed on him just below his neck – It denotes the year of his birth.

How Good Is Ben White On The Field?

White can also play as a defensive midfielder or a right back. He is renowned as a ball-playing center back with good technical ability. Former manager Michael Flynn has lauded White for his fierce tackling technique.

As a “cool” and “calm” player, White characterizes his own playing style.

White is renowned for his brisk, ball-carrying forward runs, which facilitate lightning-quick deep counterattacks.

White was referred to be “brave,” “really talented,” and a “fighter” by Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, who further said: “He trains like he’s playing the Champions League final. That’s why he’s come a long way in such a short time in his career.”

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