Bayern Munich Set to Slam Manuel Neuer With A Fine For Bombshell Interview


    Bayern Munich are set to finally clampdown on their legendary goalkeeper Manuel Neuer following his bombshell interview.

    Manuel Neuer

    The 36-year-old top goalie left no stone unturned in lashing out on his club for what he thinks is a misplaced decision.

    The German international slammed the Bundesliga champions’ decision to let goalkeeper coach and close friend Toni Tapalovic depart the club.

    According to AS, Manuel Neuer and Bayern Munich had finally settled their feud following the sack of the goalkeeper trainer, but the Bavarians are still bent on harvesting their own pound of flesh after the Neuer’s interview rant.

    The highly-rated German goalie may likely face a fine amounting to a record £1.4m which is an equivalent of his monthly salary at the club.

    The projected punishment for the shot-stopper will certainly add up to Manuel Neuer’s woes.

    He has been sidelined for months after he broke his leg while skiing after Germany crash out in the group stages of the 2022 World Cup.

    Manuel Neuer
    Manuel Neuer sidelined till the end of the season

    After the injury, it was confirmed he will be ruled out of Bayern Munich games until the end of the season.

    The news of the sack of the goalkeeper trainer, who has been his close friend, came to him while on injury bed.

    He was reportedly unnerved after hearing the news and had quickly granted the interview, blasting the club for the decision although he is still absent from the squad.

    Venting his spleen on the club in an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung and The Athletic, Manuel Neuer confessed the club’s decision to axe Toni Tapalovic had hit him so hard, and the news came as a surprise to him.

    “That blow hit me extremely hard. I was told by the club officials. It came out of nowhere. For Toni too. I didn’t understand that at all. It really knocked me down.

    “Toni was always a team player with us, everyone saw it that way.

    Neuer stressed the unflinching commitment of Tapalovic, who has been of great service to the club, not for only him, but to the entire goalkeeper group.

    “He wasn’t working for me for 11-and-a-half years, but for the entire goalkeeper group, for the coaching staff and for the club. We were always able to separate work and private life.

    Toni Tapalovic and Manuel Neuer

    “I understand that it might sound like I’m not being objective or not believable, but I can really tell the difference.

    He also stressed the timing of the decision was equally shocking, stating that the decision came while he is still nursing his wounds – something he has not experienced since the beginning of his career.

    “For me, that was a blow — when I was already down on the ground [with his broken leg]. I felt like my heart was being ripped out.

    “It was the most brutal thing I’ve experienced in my career. And I’ve experienced a lot.”

    Reacting to Manuel Neuer’s exclamations, Bayern Munich sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic disputed the veteran German goalkeeper, saying the interview was unnecessary, and has projected the club in bad light on the front pages of German and international media.

    “From my point of view, I would not have given the interview, especially when he says that the club is in the foreground.

    “It doesn’t exactly help to keep the peace, since it monopolizes all the front pages.”

    The faceoff between Manuel Neuer and Bayern had reportedly died down, but the Bavarians are bent on punishing the injured goalkeeper at least with a fine.

    Manuel Neuer will not feature for the club till the end of the season, but Bayern Munich are top of the Bundesliga table as they pushed for an 11th successive Bundesliga title.

    They are just a point above Union Berlin, and hope to put behind a poor post World Cup form as they close in on the league title.


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