Barcelona still owes Liverpool on Coutinho sale


    Spanish giants, Barcelona are still in debt, owing Liverpool around twenty-five million euros on Philippe Coutinho, who left Anfield for Spain in January 2018

    The Jurgen Klopp side in a difficult manner, sold Coutinho to Barca for a huge fee of 142 million euros in January, tagging him as the third most expensive player of all time-most expensive player in the January transfer window.

    Philippe Coutinho

    Both parties agreed to pay in installments as only 105 million euros was paid upfront, with Barca promising the Reds to pay the remaining debt in the future- which they are yet to fulfill.

    However, some reports have been claimed that Liverpool have been paid an additional 12 million euros since the bulky transfer which still make Barcelona a long time debtor

    Also, El Confidencial claimed that not only Liverpool is being owed by Barca, French outfit Bordeaux have been owed 8.8 million euros on Malcolm. Gremio and Ajax are due to collect 7 million euros and 14 million euros respectively for Arthur and Frenkie de Jong.

    Meanwhile, Barca has issued out its official financial report which revealed that the club’s debt came from the ravaging pandemic as well as the big-ticket transfers for the club. The 2015 UEFA Champions League winners are also owing Bayern Munich and Athletic Madrid on both Arturo Vidal and Antonie Griezmann among others.

    In the financial release, it was reported that Barca is in debt reaching 1.2 billion euros plus, short-term debt of 730 million euros. Thus, the club’s biggest spending was its wage bill which represents seventy-four percent of its income.

    Barca is now owing clubs of about 126 million euros coming from transfer windows. The Spain-based club is relying on the returns from fans this season which will put a long way to settle the debts if not all-but there is no plan of fans coming to Nou Camp due to the pandemic.

    The club ended the 2019/20 campaign with a huge debt of 488 million euros, speculating to delay those payments with its creditors, using the impact of the coronavirus on the club as a genuine excuse.


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