Barcelona, Real Madrid, And Juventus Set to Revive European Super League…Details

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Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus are reportedly keen on reviving the beleaguered European Super League after it was shutdown last year.

Super League
Plans to bring back European Super League involving big European clubs is on the way

In April, 2021, European football teetered on the brink of confusion and deep row over a controversial plan to set up an elite club competition.

The controversies that ensued divided European football as some selected elite clubs in Europe attempted to form the elite tournament that would rival the UEFA Champions League – the highest club competition in Europe.

The European Super League attracted a severe backlash from fans and football stakeholders in Europe.

The planned Super League was criticized for its elitist model, which excluded other low-profile clubs in Europe.

It was also seen as a threat to the sustainability of European football as it will automatically rival the Champions League, Europa League, and other club competitions, including domestic leagues.

Leading the vanguard of top advocates for the European Super League was Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

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Manchester United owners, the Glazers Family, were also named in the aborted plan. Barcelona, Juventus, and Manchester City were also among the proposed teams to kick off the elite competition.

The Super League plan was later abandoned after the massive protest by football fans worldwide hit the waves calling for the project to be scrapped.

After the protest, all the top six teams in the Premier League – Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Tottenham, withdrew from the project.

The Premier League big six pulled out after protests last year

After the failed attempt to kick off the Super League last year, there are reports that interest in reawakening the Super League project has begun, with Real Madrid’s President again leading the advocacy.

Three clubs – Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus are reportedly leading the renewed attempt to bring back the European Super League.

However, this time around, the three giants of European football are planning a new format for the European Super League.

Super League
European Super League protests last year

Previously, there was suggestions for permanent membership for some clubs in the proposed elite club competition.

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This time, the three clubs are planning to scrap the permanent membership clause to provide more inclusion among participating clubs.

Meanwhile, the three clubs are planning a Europe-wide tour to engage prospective members on the new model as they seek more support for the proposed project.

However, they have to wait for a pending judgment from the European Court of Justice on UEFA’s control of European football.

The judgment, which will be delivered on December 15, will determine the fate of the revised European Super League and the extent to which UEFA can control and organize club competitions in Europe.

If the outcome of the judgment favors the trio, football fans will have to witness a super club tournament involving the biggest clubs in Europe.

Speaking at the club’s annual general meeting, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez stated that “football is sick”, and that change is necessary.

Super League
Florentino Perez leading the advocacy to reawaken Super League

“To fix a problem, you have to first recognise that you have a problem. Our sport is sick. It is losing its leadership as a global sport”, Florentino Perez said.

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“We mustn’t be confused by the impact of Real Madrid’s European Cup run when we were involved in seven games of the highest intensity and interest.

“That was the result of the draw, and of the quality and greatness of our team. It was a spectacle that helped bring excitement back to the viewers.

“That’s why we believe European competitions must change, to offer fans top-level games year-round between the strongest teams, with the best players competing.

Meanwhile, Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli has reportedly sent an open letter to Juventus shareholders about the need to sign up for the European Super League to curtail the financial dominance of the Premier League.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta is also set to issue a statement supporting the move to revive the project.

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