Barcelona Opens Shop in Madrid Close to Real Madrid’s Shop With A Provocative Billboard [Video]


    Barcelona have opened a retail outlet in Madrid close to Real Madrid’s with a provocative billboard.


    The Catalan club took to its social media handles and the club’s official website to unveil the new shop in style – from its beautiful interior to its towering and magnificent exterior, the Catalans made a huge statement in Spain’s capital with the superb edifice housing all kits, balls, and other Barcelona gadgets.

    The store, located in Calle Arenal, near Puerta del Sol in Madrid, is said to be the first Barca store in Spain’s capital, while Real Madrid had built their own in Catalonia years ago.


    It comprises two floors occupying 19m² space and offers exclusive Barcelona kits. Outside Catalonia, it is the first of such stores managed exclusively by the club and its partners.

    The opening of the shop was graced by the FC Barcelona director responsible for roller hockey, Xavier Barbany, and Luis García, former FC Barcelona player, who took the opportunity to welcome the fans and took pictures with them.

    While it could be seen as a normal business venture to boost the club’s revenue and expand the accessibility of Barcelona kits and gadgets to the teeming fans, the store’s location has been controversial.

    The store is located 50 meters away from the Real Madrid shop. Given the old-time rivalry between the two clubs, the proximity is enough to trigger the controversy.

    Apart from the location, the La Liga giant aimed a cheeky dig at Real Madrid with a provocative billboard.

    The Catalans mounted a huge billboard before the shop’s opening. They scripted what many football fans described as a provocative slogan which reads “Raul Es Culer,” translated as “Raul is a culer.”

    The word “Culer” means “Barca fan.” Hence, the slogan literally read, “Raul is a Barca fan.”

    Who is Raul?


    Raul was a legendary Real Madrid player who scored 323 goals in 741 games for Real.

    He was the club’s all-time highest goal-scorer before former Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo and France international Karim Benzema pushed him to the third.

    Raul is currently the coach of Real Madrid’s Reserve team and is among the most decorated Real Madrid players.

    Barcelona describes Raul as a “Barça supporter who lived in Madrid and who is the inspiration for the Barcelona retail outlet campaign that will be replicated in other streets of Madrid.”

    Barcelona Real Madrid rivalry

    Barcelona and Real Madrid rivalry is one of the most famous football rivalries in history. The rivalry always comes alive when they battle each other in El Clasico.

    The two sides are far and away the most successful clubs in Spanish football, but Real Madrid retains bragging rights with the number of trophies in their kit.

    While the Los Blancos have raked in 35 La Liga titles, Barcelona have managed 26. Real Madrid have also won more Champions League trophies as the most successful club in Europe, with 14 Champions League trophies, while Barcelona have only 5.


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