Barcelona Goalkeeper Marc-André Ter Stegen ” People laugh when I tell them I have no idea about football”

    Barcelona Ter Stegen
    Barcelona Ter Stegen

    Marc-André Ter Stegen is Barcelona No 1 goalkeeper and he also plays for Germany National men’s team. He revealed that he has little knowledge of football. Although he is a top footballer and one of the best football goalkeepers around the world, his recent interview with El Pais shocked the world when he said he is a football illiterate.  

    According to him, he does not know the basics, he forgets names and has very little care for sports or games that don’t interest him. 

    “People laugh when I tell them I have no idea about football,” Ter Stegen said in an interview with El Pais.

    “I don’t see a lot of football, except when there are good games or when I’m particularly interested in one because I have a relationship or a friend. Sometimes they ask me for a player’s name and I have no idea.

    “In La Liga, for example, it happens to me with names. I don’t know what they are called. But later, when they show me the video, I realise that I know exactly who it is. 

    “I remember better how they move on the field, how they kick or stand out. It is a bit strange, it happens to me when we analyse opponents.”

    Ter Stegen plays on the same team with football god Lionel Messi. His record this season has been outstanding. In the season 2019 – 2020 Ter Stegen played 26 matches and he started all of them, he had 8 clean sheets with 53 combined saves. ( This is his stats before the season was suspended due to coronavirus).

    “It can be analysed from a negative point, because we cannot leave the house, but I don’t see it that way,” he said. “It’s a circumstance that makes us value much more the things in which we can believe, which are more basic, but which, in the end, are also truly important.

    “Regarding work, we are in contact every day with our trainers. It is necessary to maintain the form, although it is not yet known when we will return to play.

    “What is normal? It is a very relative concept. I go to the supermarket, I like to walk. I try to be natural, do the things that do me good and be surrounded by the people who know me and who tell me the things I do well and the things I do wrong. My friends are the ones of a lifetime. I believe in the few, but good friends.” he added.

    A few things to know about Marc-André Ter Stegen

    How much money does Ter Stegen make a year?

    According to many sources, he makes 4.68 million EUR (2019)

    Marc-André Ter Stegen weekly salary comes in at € 165,000

    Is Ter Stegen married?

    Yes, he married Daniela Jehle in 2017. 


    Does Ter Stegen have any children? 

    According to new details, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and Daniela Ter Stegen celebrate the birth of a son, Ben.

    Video: Ter Stegen highlights


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