Arteta joined forces with Arsenal’s front office to punish Mesut Ozil by freezing him out of the Europa League and the Premier League


It’s clear that Arsenal wants to punish Mesut Ozil, but the sad part was that Arteta joined the front office in implementing moves to freeze out Mesut Ozil. Under Arteta, Ozil hasn’t been giving play time, he was removed from the Europa Cup Players list and now he is been removed from the list of players that will represent Arsenal in the 2020 premier league season.

This means that Ozil, who is just 32 years old may never play for Arsenal again. Mesut Ozil signed a $24 million annual salary with Arsenal, now Arsenal wished they never gave him the contract. As a result, they tried to force him to take a pay cut, Ozil refused, then they tried to shop him to other clubs which were unsuccessful.

Now they took the misunderstanding with Ozil to the next level and it’s making the club look bad from the business standpoint.

The last time Ozil played for Arsenal was around March 7, and the club refused to register him with UEFA for the Europa League Campaign that starts against Rapid Vienna on Thursday, October 22, 2020. Ozil’s contract with Arsenal expires in 2021 and he may never pay for Arsenal again.

However, Arsenal will continue to pay Mesut Ozil his $350K per week wages/salary along with other bonuses that he is owned.

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