Arsenal players are back in training camp, can they avoid the relegation zone this season?


    Arsenal players are back in training camp and we have videos to show the fans. This team struggled last season, they were in the relegation zone and it took so long to get off that zone.

    Under Mikel Arteta, the club has broken so many bad records that they have never seen before.

    • worst start to a top-flight campaign since 1981 and they sunk even lower
    • More red cards than usually, Xhaka and Pepe errors
    • Arsenal were beaten at home for the ninth time
    • worst start to a league campaign since 1974/75.
    • Goals: 12 (17th in the league) 
    • Expected Goals: 15.6 (14th) 
    • Goals per game: 0.9 (17th)
    • Shots: 146 (14th)
    • Shots per game: 10.4 (15th) 
    • Shots on target per game: 3.3 (17th)  
    • Shot conversion rate : 8.2 (14th)

    With this record, Mikel Arteta should not be managing a big club like Arsenal, after we have seen many Premier League managers get fired for less. The new season is here and Mikel Arteta is still in charge. Can Arsenal survive and not get relegated this season?

    Note: Arsenal is yet to sign any new player, they’ll go into the preseason with the same set of players they had last year. And most of those guys are not good enough to get Arsenal to top for of the league or put them in a position to win the league.


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