Arsenal pathways with Willian… I was accused of coming here for financial gain” – Willian


Arsenal winger Willian says he was accused of joining Arsenal for financial gain. As result, he offered to terminate his contract with Arsenal and he is now heading to play for Corinthians football club.

Willian Borges da Silva joined Arsenal as a free agent, he was earning  £240,000-a-week following a 3 years contract with Arsenal. He signed the deal in 2021 at age 33.  

Today, Willian shared a message that he is leaving Arsenal after a mutual agreement, but we feel like, he was pressured to do so by Arsenal.

“I would like to thank Arsenal for the opportunity they have given to me and for the warm welcome received by everybody at the club. 

Unfortunately, things on the pitch didn’t go the way we had all planned and hoped, I received a lot of criticism especially from some members of the press that I had come here for financial reasons… I hope with my actions today explain to those people and they now understand that was not the case. I hope it teaches some people that they should not be so quick to pass judgment and create bad environments to make themselves important even though I accept that’s part of the game. 

All my career I have done everything to be the best I can be I always want to win and I find it hard to accept not doing so. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen for me at Arsenal and I am sorry about that.

I came to England in 2013 and I have enjoyed every minute of my time here. I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way to play in this wonderful league that is full of heart and spirit. 

To the Arsenal fans, I am sorry we never got to meet properly due to the pandemic but I know your desire for success and your support for the club is incredible so I wish you all the best for the future because you deserve it. To everyone else involved with this historic club I wish you all the best for the future.”

Arsenal also issued a statement confirming Willian’s departure from the club. “The club has reached an agreement with Willian to terminate his contract” – Arsenal IG post


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