Argentine Fan Faces Possible Jail Term In Qatar After She Went Topless Celebrating The World Cup Final Win (Video)


    An Argentine Fan risk jail term after she was spotted on TV stripping off to celebrate their dramatic World Cup win against France.

    Argentine Fan Faces Possible Jail Time In Qatar After She Went Topless Celebrating The World Cup Final Win (Video)
    Argentine Fan goes topless.

    Following Gonzalo Montiel’s pivotal penalty kick, the television cameras switched to the ecstatic Argentina supporters. The shot revealed one blonde woman with her top off, leaving nothing to the imagination.

    Note that Glam soccer fans who flash their figures in Qatar run the risk of receiving hefty fines or maybe going to jail.

    Even though non-Qatari women are exempted from donning the long, black robe known as the abaya, they are nevertheless required to cover their shoulders, midriffs, and knees with skirts, dresses, or pants.

    Additionally, women entering the Arab country are not permitted to display any cleavage or wear attire that is too tight.

    In an effort to conceal their busts, WAGs were encouraged to wrap a scarf over their necks.

    Video of Argentine Fan going topless in Qatar.

    Fans were quick to point out on social media that the topless woman ran the risk of being arrested because of the country’s harsh conservative laws.

    One supporter stated:  “I spotted her, very brave! she’ll be arrested over there if she’s not careful…”

    Added by a second fan:  “Caught live on TV”.

    Ivana Knoll, a former Miss Croatia, is the “hottest fan” of the World Cup. She has a history of breaking the rules by attending games in skimpy attire.

    Argentina defeated France 4-2 on penalties after a thrilling 3-3 match, making it one of the best World Cup finals ever.

    Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria both scored goals for the South Americans in the opening period.

    In the second half, France and Kylian Mbappe responded, with the PSG star scoring a vital brace to force overtime.

    Argentine Fan Faces Possible Jail Time In Qatar After She Went Topless Celebrating The World Cup Final Win (Video)

    Meanwhile, following their individual goals, Messi and Mbappe gave each other fist-pump gestures.

    Prior to Mbappe’s chance to score from the penalty spot when Montiel handled the ball in the box in extra time, the Argentine captain believed he had won the match.

    As Argentina celebrated its first World Cup victory in 36 years, fans were ecstatic.

    After a nail-biting final, tens of thousands of people flocked to the streets of Buenos Aires to watch Argentina win the title.

    Thousands of jubilant spectators were captured on film leaping into the air and waving flags.

    Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez of Argentina spoke after the incredible game: “There could not have been a World Cup that I have dreamed of like this. I was calm during the penalties.”

    Lionel Scaloni, the coach of Argentina, could not contain his tears at the final whistle since it had been a nail-biting conclusion to a tumultuous tournament.

    “I cannot believe that we have suffered so much in a perfect game. Unbelievable, but this team responds to everything,” Scaloni said.

    “I am proud of the work they did. It is an exciting group. With the blows we received today, with the draws, this makes you emotional. I want to tell people to enjoy, it’s a historic moment for our country.”

    It was their third global championship and their first since the late Diego Maradona won it almost all by himself in 1986.

    It was the biggest championship of their lives for Argentina’s players, including captain Messi, who scored twice in the 120 minutes before also scoring in the shootout.

    Messi’s Argentine team had previously advanced to the final in 2014, but Germany prevailed on that occasion.

    Argentine Fan Faces Possible Jail Time In Qatar After She Went Topless Celebrating The World Cup Final Win (Video)

    “I’ll never forget it. We had to suffer but we deserved to win,” Rodrigo De Paul, an Argentine midfielder, said.

    “We’ve beaten the last champions, it’s a joy I cannot put into words. I’m proud of being born in Argentina and today we are on top of the world.”

    Argentine Fan Celebrate First World Cup Win In 36 years in Grand style

    During the chaotic night of festivities that followed their stunning World Cup triumph, more than a million Argentines crowded the streets of Buenos Aires.

    Fans were jubilant as the South Americans were crowned world champions for the first time since 1986 following a nail-biting victory over France on penalties in the World Cup final.

    Argentina, spearheaded by Lionel Messi, won its third World Cup after defeating France, the defending champions, 4-2 on penalties after tying 3-3 in extra time, in a nail-biting contest played in Lusail Stadium in Qatar in front of over 88,000 spectators.

    ‘It’s unbelievable! It was challenging, but we succeeded thanks to Messi,’ said Santiago, 13, as he and his family celebrated the triumph in front of the Buenos Aires home once owned by late soccer great Diego Maradona, who was the team’s manager in 2010.

    Millions of Argentines flooded the downtown area of Buenos Aires and other famous locations shortly after the victory, carrying flags, hats, and the nation’s trademark blue-and-white jerseys.

    Following yesterday’s thrilling match, pictures from the celebration show the fans hugging, crying, and climbing the Obelisk and street lights.

    In one video, a supporter can be seen hoisting the national flag from the top of the Obelisk in the city’s Plaza de la Repblica.

    Then the camera zooms out to show the throngs of supporters swarming the streets. Different parties erupted in other parts of the nation.


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