Argentina Fan Noemi Gomez Fled For Her Safety After Going Topless in World Cup Final

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Noemi Gomez and her pal have confirmed they are safe after going topless at the Lusail Stadium to celebrate Argentina’s World Cup win.

Noemi Gomez
Noemi Gomez and her friend went nude to celebrate Argentina World Cup win

While Lionel Messi continued with his football heroics, winning the 2022 World Cup, Noemi Gomez, an Argentine lady, nearly landed in the Qatari net after she went topless celebrating Argentina’s penalty shootout win over France.

Fears of her safety dominated the headlines after the Argentina clothing brand model defied Qatari laws, going nude as Argentina drowned defending champions France to lift the 2022 World Cup.

Noemi Gomez, better known as Noe, and her friend, later identified as Milu Barbiie, sparked reactions with their controversial style of celebrating Argentina’s World Cup win.

The pair had their Argentina T-shirts folded up as they flashed their boobs at the Lusail stadium to celebrate the win.

After the incident, Qatari security operatives had to escort them from the stadium, with pundits fearing they may be charged and prosecuted in line with Qatar’s strict rules on nudity.

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Amidst fears of prosecution and possible prison sentence, Noemi Gomez has eased the concerns of her followers, confirming she was safe after the incident.

Noemi Gomez

However, she had to immediately board a plane and leave Qatar to avoid being pounded by Qatar’s penal system.

Noemi Gomez assured her fans she is safe as she ‘managed to escape Qatar and find refuge in the European Union.

In a post, Noemi Gomez is found on the poolside in a thong bikini with the caption “Hola campeones” – hello champions.

She has not hinted at her current location after confirming she fled Qatar immediately after the World Cup.

However, the Sun reports her pal Milu, who pulled the World Cup stunt with her, has been spotted in the streets of Madrid, Spain.

Noe has turned into a social media celebrity. She and her friend have now raked over a thousand followers after the stunt in the World Cup final.

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Noemi Gomez

Noemi Gomez came to the spotlight at the Lusail Stadium when Argentina defeated France in a penalty shootout to win the 2022 World Cup.

She and her friend went topless at the Lusail Stadium to celebrate Argentina’s victory over France.

Gary Lineker, who covered the final for BBC, was among the commentators who drew attention to Noe and her friend’s nudity and how Qatar’s conservative government may likely respond.

Noe and her friend’s nudity during the celebrations is an affront to Qatari dress code laws for men and women. These include having to cover their shoulders and knees in order not to offend the laws.

Specifically, there are strict laws and statutes in Qatar to tackle nudity, which Noe and her friend broke on TV in front of a worldwide audience.

Before the 2022 World Cup began, Qatar reiterated that people who expose themselves in Qatar during the tournament could be at risk of heavy fines or even a prison sentence.

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After Noe and her friend went topless at the Lusail Stadium, they were escorted out of the stadium by Qatari officials but were not arrested, and her social media posts after the incident appear to confirm her safety.

The pair celebrated with fans after the final with their breasts out, and were pictured outside the stadium with fellow Argentine supporters.

Noe’s Instagram handle is @noe.dreams1.

She uploads photos and videos of her World Cup celebrations as Argentina progressed through the tournament.

Noe did not hide her nude antics throughout the 2022 World Cup. She shared news reports of her topless antics on her Instagram story. Her bio on her Instagram page is captioned “La chica del topless”, which translates as the topless girl.

Not much is known about Noe’s profession or background. From her Instagram page, she is apparently a model for Destino pink – a clothing brand in Argentina.

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