Antonio Rudiger opens up on racist abuse after Frank Lampard’s sack


    Germany international, Antonio Rudiger has poured out his grievances as regards how he was racially discriminated against after Chelsea had shown Frank Lampard the way out of Stamford Bridge.

    It was reported that the former AS Roma defender has caused an outrage in the dressing room which eventually led to the sack of Lampard, paving way for Thomas Tuchel to steer the Chelsea ship.

     Antonio Rudiger
    Frank Lampard

    If you had recalled in the last two weeks some Premier League players were racially abused on social media– with likes of Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford Axel Tuanezebe, James Reece.

    There were many reactions on the issue which led Premier League to revert the racial action, promising that sanctions will be laid down for those who were involved in the act.

    Meanwhile, opening up on the issue, teammates at Stamford Bridge had shown support for the German. Rudiger said since he had worked under various managers in Chelsea, the mannerism of racial discrimination was not evident until after the exit of the Blues legend.

    “I have been in the club into my fourth season and I have had four different coaches, with Tuchel now, and it was never talked about when Sarri left the club or when Conte left the club that players were involved or something like this.” He said
    “My conscience is clear. I know who I am and I know I did not do all that nonsense that came out and for me in my head, I am very free. I am open for every new coach, as I was open also for Mr. Lampard.” He emphasized.

    He bemoaned the alarming rate of racial discrimination in the English topflight, stating that the unpalatable act makes him stronger day by day.

    “I cannot control people’s emotions but people should be human beings. Me, I didn’t post anything but the racial abuse was immense. This makes me stronger because I know who I am, I can look in the mirror and I can smile. I know I didn’t do anything so for me this is forgotten.” He explained.

    “For me, in life, it is very important I can look in the mirror, I see myself, I know who I am. Of course, it hurts but in this case I just block it out because I know I didn’t do anything.”

    Antonio Rudiger resolved that unless strict measures are laid down, things about racism with grow worse.


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