Antonio Conte of Tottenham Hotspur is married to Elisabetta Muscarello, know more about her here

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Tottenham Hotspur manager, Antonio Conte is married to Elisabetta Muscarello and they are happily enjoying life in London. In this article, you will get to know more about the manager’s wife and her relationship with the football manager.

Who is Antonio Conte?

Who is Antonio Conte?
Antonio Conte in his office at Tottenham Hotspur.

Antonio Conte was born in Lecce, Italy on July 31, 1969, which means that he is currently 52-year-old. The 1.76 meters tall Italian football icon was a professional footballer between 1985 and 2004.

During his active days, he played as a midfielder for Lecce and Juventus. Conte also played for Italy national team between 1994 and 2000 before he retired from international football.

After he retired from professional football, Conte went into coaching. He started his coaching career in 2005 as an assistant coach at Siena.

Since then, he has gone on to coach some of the biggest football clubs in Europe including Atalanta, Juventus, Chelsea, Inter Milan, and now Tottenham Hotspur. He also coached Italy’s national team between 2014 and 2016.

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Conte won five Serie A titles and one UEFA Champions League title as a player at Juventus. He has won four Serie A titles, one Premier League title, one FA Cup, and a host of other titles as a football manager.

Who is the wife of Antonio Conte?

Antonio Conte and Elisabetta Muscarello during their wedding in 2013.
Antonio Conte and Elisabetta Muscarello during their wedding in 2013.

Elisabetta Muscarello is the wife of Antonio Conte. She has been the partner of Conte long before the Italian tactician retired as a professional footballer.

Reports claimed that Conte and Elisabetta Muscarello have known each other long before he became a professional footballer. They were initially next-door neighbors.

Conte and Elisabetta took their relationship from normal friends to lovers in 1998 when Conte was playing for Juventus. Since then, their relationship has been growing stronger and stronger.

Conte and Elisabetta dated for 15 years before they decided to make their relationship official in June 2013. They had a luxurious wedding ceremony in Italy which attracted the attention of the high and mighty in the country.

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Who is Elisabetta Muscarello?

Who is Elisabetta Muscarello?
Elisabetta Muscarello having a good time with coach Conte.

Elisabetta Muscarello was born in Turin, Italy on December 3, 1975, which means that she will turn 47-year-old on December 3, 2022.

The Italian lady is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gianni Muscarello. She spent her childhood and most parts of her youth around Italy before she started traveling abroad with Antonio Conte.

Though Elisabetta is a very private person, Futballnews gathered that the Italian woman is a devoted housewife who is simply known as the wife of Conte.

How many children do Conte and Elisabetta Muscarello have?

Elisabetta Muscarello and Conte celebrating the 14th birthday of their daughter Vittoria.
Elisabetta Muscarello and Conte celebrating the 14th birthday of their daughter Vittoria.

The marriage between Antonio Conte and Elisabetta Muscarello is blessed with just a daughter – Vittoria Conte.

Vittoria was born in 2007, six years before Elisabetta Muscarello and Conte decided to tie the knot. She is currently 14-year-old.

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