Anthony Gordon Faces Possible Jail Term For Violating Driving Ban


    Newcastle United new signing from Everton Anthony Gordon could face jail after driving just two days after being slammed with driving ban.

    Anthony Gordon

    The England star reportedly violated a ban after his luxurious ride was spotted on Hilton town in Gateshead.

    Although Anthony Gordon was not on the steering when he was spotted at Gateshead, he is said to have violated the ban after he used his ride to commute to Gateshead.

    The star, 21, got a six-month disqualification on Monday for driving carelessly and twice failing to disclose details of the driver of his car, when contacted by the Police

    Gordon was caught red-handed at Gateshead with a footage of the incident showing him near the wheel of his £100k Mercedes G-Wagon. His driving ban also included a road ban, preventing him from appearing on the road with the vehicle.

    Anthony hit Gateshead on Wednesday with his £100,000 black Mercedes G-Wagon with his girlfriend Annie Keating.

    Anthony Gordon

    Anthony Gordon threw caution to the wind and was spotted parking his car under the bright lights of the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead’s busy town center.

    The former Everton forward wore a black puffer jacket and could easily be recognized with his unmistakable bleached blond hair.

    He clambered out of the driver’s side and then disappear from the footage, going inside.

    There are grave consequences for Anthony Gordon’s violation of his ban. The £45m January signing may be jailed for up to six months following his unscrupulous and reckless move.

    A source close to the former Toffees player, berated what may likely befall the England star after joining the Magpies following the incident, saying he may likely be imprisoned.

    Anthony Gordon
    Anthony Gordon and girlfriend Annie Keating

    Anthony was handed a golden opportunity to join the Magpies’ push for a Champions League finish from struggling Everton.

    Before he left Everton, hostile Everton fans confronted him on his £100m Mercedes G-Wagon, asking him to leave the club as Everton continue to struggle in the Premier League.

    Angry Everton fans had mobbed up Anthony Gordon’s ride on the streets of Liverpool, asking him to leave the club, following Premier League defeat to Southampton at Goodison Park.

    Anthony Gordon was blamed by the fans for not doing enough for the club, and asked to leave the club as the Toffees’ struggles under ex-manager Frank Lampard continued.

    After Newcastle indicated interest in signing him, Gordon immediately pushed for Everton exit to force through a move to St James Park.

    His desire to leave the club was also linked to the hostile reaction by Everton fans towards him after Southampton game. Gordon was happy after completing the move to Newcastle United.

    However, he is at the brink of soiling what would have been a great new chapter in his career, by carelessly violating his road ban.

    According to reports, it is not the first time Anthony Gordon has been banned for offences linked to parking and speeding.

    Anthony Gordon

    The Northumbria Police has confirmed the development and are planning to proceed on investigation into the incident.

    A statement by the Police said; “As is standard practice, we wouldn’t confirm or deny the identity of anyone who may or may not be part of a police investigation and who has not been charged with a criminal offence.”

    Newcastle United have been contacted following the incident, but they are yet to make a comment on the development.


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