Angel Di Maria gets the best welcome from his wife Jorgelina Cardoso and Children after winning Copa America

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Angel Di Maria returned home from Brazil where he spent about a month trying to win the Copa America for Argentina and he got a warm welcome from his wife Jorgelina Cardoso. His two daughters, Mia and Pia played an active part in welcoming their heroic father.

Angel Di Maria was one of the most important players in Argentina squad during the 2021 Copa America. The 33-year-old Argentine winger played a major role in ensuring that his country ended their long wait for an international title.

The Paris Saint Germain forward played 6 games in the tournament, provided an assist, and scored a goal. Angel Di Maria’s only goal in the tournament came in the final of the competition against Brazil at Maracana Stadium on July 11. The goal was all Argentina needed to beat Brazil 1-0 in their backyard.

After scoring the lone goal that gave Argentina the Copa America trophy, Angel Di Maria staged a triumphant return to his lovely family. Before he got home, his wife, Cardoso, and his children have already decorated his home with all the artistic expressions fit for kings.

A video Jorgelina Cardoso shared on her Instagram story showed a bit of the effort she and her children put into ensuring that their Argentine hero got a very pleasant welcome.

In one of the clips that circulated on social media, Angel Di Maria could be seen arriving at his home while his wife and children rushed to him to give him a warm embrace.

After a couple of seconds, he carried his two daughters in both hands and took them inside while the onlookers chanted his name in celebration of his heroic performance.

How Jorgelina Cardoso predicted that Angel Di Maria would score in the final

Angel Di Maria and his family.
Angel Di Maria and his family.

When Argentina was preparing to play the final of the Copa America against Brazil, Angel Di Maria had a chat with his wife Jorgelina Cardoso. In the chat which was leaked after the game, his wife predicted that the PSG star would score in the final.

“You imagine yourself to be drawing and that you go in and score the winning goal. And on top of that, like in the final against Nigeria? Well, I’m off to Paris. Ha ha ha ”, she told her husband in Spanish.

Just like Cardoso predicted, Di Maria went on to score the only goal of the match which gave Argentina the Copa America trophy.

Her prediction was in line with the assurance Lionel Messi gave Di Maria before the game. The PSG star revealed after the game that the country’s talisman, Messi told him before the game that it was his final and indeed it was as he scored the tournament winner.

“It’s going to be unforgettable,” Di Maria told reporters after the game. “Messi told me thanks to me, I said thanks to him!

“He told me that it was my final, that it was the rematch for the finals that I couldn’t play. It had to be today and today it was.”

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