Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema of PSG have broken up, this could be the reason


Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema have broken up less than a month after celebrating their 5th year of being in what used to look like a perfect relationship.

During the weekend, Alphonso Davies took to his verified Twitter handle to announce that he and Jordyn Huitema, a Canadian female soccer star who currently plays for Paris Saint Germain female team, are no longer dating.

In his Twitter post, Davies, a 21-year-old Canadian left-back who is currently contracted to a German Bundesliga club, Bayern Munich, described Jordyn Huitema as a good person. The Canadian international stressed that the speculation concerning Jordyn was not true.

The football star wrote: “Yes Jordyn and I have parted ways. The rumors about her are not true. She is a good person I have a lot of respect for her. I wish her the best and ask everyone to respect our privacy.”

How did Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema start dating?

Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema
Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema.

Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema started dating in 2017 when Davies was just 17-year-old and Jordyn was just 16-year-old.

Davies and Jordyn met in the United States when the Bayern star was playing for the Vancouver men’s team and the PSG star was playing for Vancouver women’s team.

The love affair of the two Canadian footballers was so strong and popular that they were described as a super couple in the United States.

In 2019, the love affair between Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema suffered a huge setback when Davies agreed to join Bayern Munich and Jordyn agreed to join PSG.

However, despite the distance between them and their busy schedule, the two Canadian lovers continued to grow their relationship to the extent they had a joint YouTube channel.

In April 2022, Davies and Jordyn celebrated five years of being together by sharing pictures of each other on their separate Instagram pages.

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At that period, there were reports that Jordyn’s agents were trying to make Bayern Munich sign her to reunite with her lover permanently in Germany. But that was not to be as the relationship crashed in May 2022.

What is the rumor about Jordyn Huitema

Jordyn Huitema of PSG.
Jordyn Huitema of PSG.

Jordyn Huitema is doing very well with PSG and Canada national team. Recall that she helped PSG to win the Females’ French league cup a year after she helped Canada to win Gold in the 2021 Olympics.

When Davies won the German Bundesliga title with Bayern Munich earlier in the month, Jordyn took to her Instagram page to celebrate the 21-year-old football star.

Within a short while, it was reported that Jordyn cheated on Alphonso Davies. Immediately after the speculation went viral, Davies came to Twitter to confirm that he and the Canadian female footballer have broken up.

As at last check, Davies have deleted every picture featuring Jordyn off his Instagram page. The PSG female star has also deleted every Davies’ picture from her Instagram page.

At the time of publishing this report, Jordyn has gone as far as deleting her Instagram page which goes to show how intense the break-up is.

What is the reason why Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema broke up?

Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema
File photo of Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema.

Nobody expected that the sweet love affairs between Alphonso and Jordyn would end so abruptly due to how connected they looked together. But that is the fate the fans of the relationship have to live with.

Both Davies and Jordyn are yet to officially say why the relationship crashed. However, the rumor is that Jordyn cheated on Davies but nothing of such has been verified.

Another reason which might have contributed to Davies and Jordyn’s breakup is the fact that they both play football in two different countries which means that they had limited time for each other.

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, there could be a personal reason that influenced their break up. Well, only time can tell what transpired between Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema at this point. Until then, we wish them all the best in their future romantic endeavors.


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