Alireza Beiranvand Of Iran Has Been Hospitalized After His Nasty Head Injury Against England

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Alireza Beiranvand, the Iranian goalie, was taken to the hospital straight from the hospital after involving in a nasty head collision with his teammate Majid Hosseini.

Alireza Beiranvand was stretched off the pitch nearing ten minutes sustaining a concussion.

During Iran’s World Cup opener against England on Tuesday, 21st of November 2022, there were comical scenes as goalie Alireza Beiranvand attempted to continue following a head collision only to pass out and need to be carried off on a stretcher.

In the first half of the World Cup opener against England, Beiranvand collided violently with teammate Majid Hosseini, forcing him to be replaced less than ten minutes after.

The collision happened when the goalkeeper was attempting to claim a cross, and after receiving physiotherapy, he was astonishingly permitted to continue playing.

Beiranvand collided with his teammate

After tussling with teammate Majid Hosseini in the penalty area, Beiranvand sought medical attention. He then appeared to convince Iran’s medical staff that he wanted to continue playing.

Beiranvand changed his shirt and continued, but he soon collapsed to the ground, evidently still suffering the effects of the head collision.

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He eventually indicated that he needed to be substituted because he appeared visibly confused and had a bloody nose.

Beiranvand received medical attention

Jude Bellingham’s goal, which was the game’s first, was scored after Hosseini had been beaten.

After being carried off the field of play, Beiranvand was later diagnosed with a “severe concussion.”

After a protracted period of stoppage time that resulted in 14 MINUTES being added to the end of the first half, Hossein Hosseini, who had been warming up, took the place of Beiranvand.

Carlos Queiroz, the manager of Iran, disclosed that the 30-year-old goalkeeper had broken his nose in the incident.

Note that Alireza Beiranvand has the record of the longest throw in football (61m and 26mm = 66.7 yards).

Aside from the goalkeeper’s injury, the World Cup opener between Iran and England had a wonderful start and a high harvest of goals. A title of eight goals were recorded in the match.

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Beiranvand is bleeding after he collides with his teammate

Another talking point of the World Cup game which ended 6-2 in favour of England, was the moment the referee denied the English team a penalty kick.

Despite Harry Maguire seeming to be bear-hugged in the area, the referee did not give Maguire a penalty kick, and Gareth Southgate and his team were furious.

Southgate protested the situation by waving his arms in annoyance.

With a header from a Kieran Trippier corner that rebounded against the crossbar in the 30th minute, Maguire showed he was a threat in the box.


On the other hand, Harry Maguire, a defender for England, was swiftly removed after being diagnosed with a concussion in the second half, while the Three Lions were leading 4-1.

For the first time at a World Cup, in addition to the five standard substitutions, permanent concussion replacements are now allowed.

Several new policies have been put in place to increase player safety, including the use of independent assessors during games and the allowance of one permanent concussion substitution per team every match.

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