AFTV Star Troopz Replies Critics After His Angry Rant On His Wife During Arsenal EPL Loss to Manchester City [Video]


AFTV star, Troopz, has replied critics after his terrifying rant on his wife during Arsenal’s 4-1 loss to Manchester City in the Premier League.

Troopz replies critics after angry outburst with wife

The die-hard Arsenal supporter and YouTuber reacted to a barrage of criticisms from football fans after he attacked his wife in an angry outburst following Arsenal Premier League loss to Manchester City.

Arsenal clashed with Manchester City at Etihad in a Premier League title decider that saw the Gunners lose out with a 4-1 defeat.

A brace from Kevin De Bruyne, Stone’s header, and Erling Haaland’s stoppage-time strike sealed a 4-1 win for Manchester City with Holding scoring Arsenal’s consolation goal.

Troopz raged on his wife when Kevin De Bruyne hit Manchester City’s first goal

Football fans were agog for the outcome of the game and it appears the tensioned-soaked atmosphere at Etihad spilled over into the rank of fans.

While such sentiments could be understood in the light of the potential impact of the game on the Premier League title race, allowing such emotions cross lines of decency is unacceptable.

During Manchester City Vs Arsenal clash, an Arsenal fan, top pundit and broadcaster, Aumar Hamilton, popularly known as Troopz, seemed to allow his emotions overtook him.

Troopz debunks claims he assaulted his wife

He was streaming the match live with his teeming Arsenal fanbase and other football fans.

Seven minutes into the game, Troopz lost his cool with his wife when Kevin De Bruyne hit Manchester City’s first goal.

His wife seemed to have walked into the room when Kevin De Bruyne put Manchester City ahead and Troopz could not hold it. He suddenly flipped into anger and started ranting on his wife.

Troopz scolded his wife, called her a “f***ing woman” before commanding her to leave the room and not watch the game with him.

”No man this f***ng woman walks in then they f***ing score. Nah cut bruv, nah I’m being deadly f***ing serious, don’t smile at me.

“I’m being deadly serious leave the room. Leave the room. Don’t laugh at me, leave the room. Leave! Leave! Leave babe! Leave you’re not watching it. How can you walk in here and they f***ing score?

”What do you mean you’re going to watch it? Nah leave, leave! You’re cursing my team,” he raged.

The footage of the incident which went viral on social media attracted criticisms from football fans and Troopz supporters.

David Challen, a Twitter user and a campaigner against domestic abuse shared the footage of the incident and wrote;

Football doesn’t cause domestic abuse but it can trigger existing abuse. The abusive behaviour displayed by Troopz towards his wife highlights how football can create a period of more intense control and fear, exacerbating an existing problem.”

Other football fans slammed Troopz for his bizzare reaction towards his wife, accusing him of domestic violence.

Troopz Reacts

Following the outrage and criticisms after the incident, Troopz has release a video dispelling claims he beat up or attacked his wife in the video.

Troopz revealed he has been in 18-year relationship with his wife and has never abused her.

He added his wife is a fan of Tottenham but suddenly became a Manchester City fan during the Manchester City Vs Arsenal clash to troll him.

He also described his bond with is wife as different. In his words, the only thing he beat up on his wife is her b*m*m and p***y.

His wife voice could be heard in the background of the video while he was replying his critics and it appears the lovers were cool with each other after the outburst.

Who is Troopz?

Troopz is a football content creator and YouTuber with a followership of over 288,000.

He usually publishes content centering on Premier League club Arsenal and is a die-hard fan of the club.

How old is Troopz?

The football pundit was born on November 28, 1987 in England. He is 35 years old now and will celebrate his 36th birthday in a few months.

What is Troopz’s real name?

Troopz’s real name is Aumar Hamilton but he is popular among football fans by his stage name, Troopz.

Troopz worked as a broadcaster and content creator with Arsenal Fan TV, one of the largest media network, dedicated to Arsenal contents and fans with over 1.45m subscribers and followers. He left Arsenal Fan TV in 2020 and is now working with Barstool Sports in New York.

What is Troopz’s wife name?

Troopz wife’s name is Lily. According to Troopz, he has been in relationship with Lily for 18 years. The pair got married recently in 2022. They have two children together, Trey and Carter.

Lily keeps a private Instagram account with just 480 followers. Not much is known about her.

Troopz net worth

As of 2023, Troopz’s estimated net worth is $5 million. His main source of income is his monetized YouTube Channel.


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