Affordable Premier League strikers that you can use for your FUT Fifa gameplay


    I am sure that at this point, you are not struggling with how to set up your game tactics on FIFA 21. This article will introduce to you top FUT‘s Premier League striker under 100,00.

    Strikers are known for banging in the goals in the game of soccer. But they have their special features, ranging from accuracy,  shot power, speed, and dribbling, pass rate amongst other things.

    Why focusing on the English Premier League? The English top-flight is no doubt one of the best and strongest football leagues in the world with a large fan base.

    One of the facts is that Premier League players are extremely sought after by many FUT 20 fans. This makes the top strikers in the league to be a hot cake.

    The best of them cost a lot. However, some of the Premier League players are available in the transfer market for reasonable money.

    Who is top FUT’s Premier League striker under 100k?

    Below are the five top Premier League strikers noted in FUT 21 under 100k, with the last getting the best rating.


    After emerging as Everton’s best player of the season in 2019, the Brazilian striker seemed to have settled well, partnering Dominic Calvert-Lewin who has also been banging in the goals for the Toffees, bar their 2-0 loss against Southampton.


    Although he is out of action due to suspension, he has an overall rating of 81. His attributes include Pace -83 percent; Shooting – 78 percent; passing – 72 percent; dribbling – 81; defending -50 and physicality – 80 percent.

    Odrigo Moreno Machado

    The Spanish striker who joined Leeds United from Valencia in the summer transfer has an overall rating of 82.

    The striker has a pass accuracy of 91 percent followed by shot accuracy which is 79 percent and pass accuracy sands at 76.

    Odrigo Moreno Machado

    Other attributes noted in the striker include dribble (81 percent), physicality (71) while his defense attributes stands at 44 percent.

    He is valued at 5,000 on PS 4, while his value on Xbox One and PC stand at 4,600 and 6000 respectively.

    Gabriel Jesus

    The overall score of the Brazilian striker stands at 83.

    Gabriel Jesus FUT

    Jesus, who plies his trade with Manchester City has the following attributes: Pace -85 percent; Shooting – 82 percent; passing – 72 percent; dribbling – 87 – 87; defending -42 and physicality – 72 percent.

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Calvert-Lewin is enjoying the best moment of his career after scoring 9 goals in eight games so far for club and country.

    The 23-year-old seems to have grown into a top player with top class performances this season, which has so far got him his first international appearance.

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    With an overall rating of 84, his attributes include Pace – 88 percent; Shooting – 82 percent; passing – 69 percent; dribbling – 81; defending -42 and physicality – 85 percent.

    Jamie Vardy

    Jamie Vardy recently made a return to action against Arsenal to set another record for his team, beating Arsenal 1-0 at the Emirates Stadium.
    With 7 goals in six games, the English man tops the list of Premier League striker under 100,000.

    Jamie Vardy FUT

    With an overall rating of 86, his attributes include Pace – 88 percent; Shooting – 85 percent; passing – 66 percent; dribbling – 79; defending -55 and physicality – 75 percent.


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