Aaron Wan-Bissaka is having a baby by his girlfriend.

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Aaron Wan-Bissaka of Manchester United is in a serious triangle of love affairs and relationship drama that might overshadow his rise to stardom at Old Trafford. He is currently expecting a baby from his third girlfriend.

The 22-year-old English right-back who joined Manchester United in July 2019 from Crystal Palace for €55 million took to his Instagram story to share pictures from the baby shower held during the weekend.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka didn’t stop there, the defender was one of the hundreds of people who liked the photos of the baby shower one @Avril_UK shared on Instagram. The Instagram user who claimed to be a chemist on her bio happens to be Wan-Bissaka’s soon to be baby-mama.

In the caption of the series of photos taken from the baby shower, the soon to be baby-mama revealed that she is expecting a baby girl but didn’t mention who the father of the girl is. But the end of the caption suggested that the father of the unborn child was present at the baby shower.

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She wrote: “So grateful to have both families come together to celebrate this blessing.

“I’m gonna miss my bump and having you so close but you have so many people waiting to meet you baby A. Thank you, God, for choosing us to guide, love, and protect our Babygirl. We pray she receives happiness and good health in abundance.

“Thank you for the perfect baby shower”.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka and his relationship drama

One of the ladies of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Marliesia Ortiz.
One of the ladies of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Marliesia Ortiz.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka might be concentrating on improving his game at Manchester United but it has not been fun for him outside the pitch. Recently, his long time girlfriend, Rhianna Bentley, publicly declared that she has dumped the footballer for cheating on her with an American model, Marliesia Ortiz.

Rhianna who is 21-year-old started dating 22-year-old Aaron Wan-Bissaka when the Congolese born British footballer was playing for Crystal Palace. She followed him to Manchester when he joined the Red Devils in 2019.

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Aaron Wan-Bissaka's long time girlfriend, Rhianna Bentley
Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s long time girlfriend, Rhianna Bentley

Unfortunately for the British lady, Wan-Bissaka was sleeping with Marliesia who is 27-year-old. The American lady who reportedly dated another Manchester United’s player Jesse Lingard shared pictures of her and the footballer spending time together.

It was not only the pictures Marliesia shared on social media that influenced Rhianna to walk away from her relationship with Wan-Bissaka, she was pushed harder when she learned that the Manchester United‘s star was expecting a child from a third woman.

Hence, the 21-year-old British lady ended her relationship with Wan-Bissaka with a social media post wishing the footballer luck with his unborn “‘bundle of joy”.

On the other hand, Marliesia confirmed via an Instagram post that Manchester United‘s defender has confessed to her that he is expecting a child. On a post she shared on her Instagram story on September 28, Marliesia wrote: “He has a baby on the way but told me he don’t want it.”

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As at the time of publishing this report, Manchester United was yet to comment on the scandal as the footballer has continued to enjoy game time at the club. He played in Manchester United’s 2-1 win against Paris Saint Germain on October 20, in the UEFA Champions League, and in the 0-0 draw against Chelsea on October 24. He is expected to play against RB Leipzig on Wednesday, October 28.

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