A Supercomputer Predicts Chelsea As Winners Of The 2021/22 Premier League Season


A Supercomputer has predicted the final Premier League Table with Chelsea emerging as Champions.

Football for All, a Twitter football news platform, recently published the final predictions of the ongoing 2021/22 Premier league season, with Chelsea finishing as the Champions of the season. Liverpool comes in at second place, followed by Manchester City at third place, Brentford finishing fourth, as Manchester United and West Ham finish at fifth and sixth positions respectively.

As expected, the recent publication of the Supercomputer’s prediction has received a lot of backlash from football fans around the world because of the many wild predictions. Some notable surprises from the predictions are Brentford finishing at fourth place, of which they are currently at the 10th position on the actual Premier league table. Tottenham finished at 12th position, despite the signing of the top-class coach, Antonio Conte. Arsenal finished in 13th position, despite a recent run of good form. Also, the fact that Chelsea lost just one game in the whole season.

Some fans also disagree with the 17th position in which Newcastle finishes on the predicted table since the takeover by the Reuben Brothers & Public Invest Fund of Saudi Arabia, have been approved by the Premier League and the possibility of signing of a good coach, as well as top players, are quite high for the Newcastle side.

Some fans seem to be very okay with where some of the teams are placed on the final prediction by the Supercomputer, while a large number of fans can’t seem to believe they will watch Brentford in the Champions League next season against some big-name clubs like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona and so on.

Chelsea and Brentford fans are the only set of people who are excited about this prediction, as it favors them. Although some Twitter users believe that the prediction was done by a Chelsea or Brentford Computer Engineer. Other fans have settled to revisit the publication at the end of the season, so they can compare the actual result with the predicted table.

However, the 2021/22 Premier League season is still very much open, as it hasn’t gotten to the mid-season yet. The league is still very unpredictable and full of excitement as always. There’s no deciding who will finish in what position until the last matchday of the season.


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