Chelsea Star Sam Kerr And Kristie Mewis’ Lovely Proposal Images Go Viral

Chelsea Women star Sam Kerr and her fiancée Kristie Mewis have posted their proposal pictures on their social media accounts.

The Australian star and the United States women’s national team midfielder took to their Instagram accounts to post pictures with the caption “September 1, 2023.”

The first picture showed the fiancée Mewis holding Kerr firmly as she smiled happily, and Kerr raised her hands, dressing up like a Tom boy.

The second picture showed Kerr going down on her knee with a ring in her hand, proposing to Kristie Mewis.

The third picture showed the couple holding their hands firmly, showing the engagement ring given to Kristie Mewis.

However, there were mixed reactions after the proposal pictures surfaced online. A fan said, “Post other footballers proposal pictures to let them know you are covering a love story.”

Another fan said, “Lebsians”. The fans went further with their comments, with one saying, “He doesn’t care about the proposals of the two.”

A well-concerned fan says he doesn’t care about the proposal because it is not soccer”.

Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis Relationship

The couple had been in a long-distance relationship since making the announcement about their relationship in 2021.

They spoke online for four months during the COVID-19 total lockdown before spending two months of quarantine together, where they fell in love.

The United States of America midfielder Mewis had always talked about how Sam Kerr became someone she could lean on.

Kerr had been Mewis’ biggest supporter since the beginning of their relationship. Kerr currently plays for Chelsea Football Club in London and Mewis for Gotham in the United States.

Sam Kerr and her fiancée Kristie Mewis

Kerr and Mewis are famously known as the power couple in women’s football.

Other Women Football Players That Are in a Romantic Relationship with Each Other

1. Katrina Gorry (Australia) and Clara Markstedt (Switzerland)

It was revealed that the two female players got engaged recently, since their relationship started in 2021. However, their first date happened in May 2022.

2. Hayley Raso (Australia) and Jenna McCormick

The two female players are from the same national team. Their relationship started in 2017.

However, she has reportedly moved on with a journalist named Hannah Holgersen.

3. Chloe Logarzo (Australia) and McKenzie Berryhill

The couple played together on the same team in 2019. They got engaged in 2021 during a European holiday following the Olympic encounter.

4. Ellie Carpenter (Australia) and Danielle van de Donk (Netherlands)

Their relationship became famous during their playing days at the French side Olympic Lyon. In 2022, the couple confirmed their relationship through their various social media accounts.

The duo were seen having dinner together on Valentine’s Day.

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