Ex-Crystal Palace Star Oliver Spedding Who Went Into Adult Film Industry Died At 34

Former Crystal Palace star Oliver Spedding, who acted in the adult firm industry after ending his football career, died at the age of 34.

This sad information was revealed by Oliver Spedding’s former football club Croydon. The club’s statement reads: “Oliver played for the club over a couple of spells and was a much loved individual who always gave his utmost effort for the team.

“Oliver will be hugely missed by everyone at the club, and our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.”

The cause of Spedding’s death hasn’t been confirmed at the time of writing this piece.

He worked his way up in the academy system at Premier League side Crystal Palace, but he decided to fall in love with making porn after his time in prison.

In previous interviews before his demise, Spedding revealed he regretted leaving football for porn because he was being paid a sum of £150 per role.

Spedding also talked about his other ambitions in boxing, which he could have pressed forward into instead of venturing into the porn industry.

Before the announcement of his demise, it was revealed that the current manager of Croydon FC, Liam Giles, was interested in bringing the player back to the club due to his playing ability and strength.

Who is Oliver Spedding’s girlfriend?

The former Crystal Palace defender met the love of his life, Sophie Anderson, during an adult movie set in 2017.

Sophie started her adult movie in 2017, but she went more famous after a video with Rebecca More went viral.

Since 2022, Sophie has appeared in different adult movies, earning recognition for herself.

Sophie was born on November 23, 1987, in the city of Bristol, England. She is currently 36 years old. It was revealed that Spedding’s girlfriend had slept with 80,000 men all over the world.

Other Football Stars Who Ditched Their Football Careers to Act in the Adult Movie Industry

1. Danny Mountain

The youngster spent his academy year at Southampton, with football clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal showing interest in him.

However, a horrible injury at the age of 16 stopped him from becoming a superstar. He took up carpentry job to earn a living.

He is currently the highest-paid British pornstar in the world.

2. Davide Lovinella

The midfielder was playing for a serie D team named ASD Calcio Pomigliano when he decided he wanted to earn more money.

The Italian made an application to work in the adult firm industry, and he was selected. However, he is also planning on finding a football club in Hungary to continue his career as a player.

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