2024 UEFA Euros Qualifiers For September: All Fixtures, Kickoff, And How to Watch


The international break is back for continental football across the globe with the 2024 UEFA Euro qualifiers taking center stage again.

The road to Germany 2024 is gradually narrowing down with European teams set to continue battling for a place in the elite national team tournament in Europe next year.

Two matchdays – Matchday 5 and Matchday 6 – have been fixed for the month of September with mouthwatery clashes expected.

2024 Euros qualifiers for September kickoff

As usual, 2024 Euros qualifiers for September will be played on two matchdays spread across six days. The first matchday (Matchday 5) will kick off on 7 September 2023 through 9 September 2023 while the second Matchday (Matchday 6) will be played from 10 September to 12 September 2023.

2024 Euro qualifiers

There are evening and night kickoff with more matches to be played in night kickoff. The evening kickoff will be played 18:45GMT with others starting by 18:00GMT while the night games kicks off by 20:45GMT.

2024 Euro Qualifiers Matchday 5 First Fixtures

The first fixtures for matchday 5 will take place on Thursday, 7 September 2023 with nine matches scheduled.

Full fixtures

France vs Republic of Ireland

Netherlands vs Greece

Czechia vs Albania

Poland vs Faroe Islands

Lithuania vs Montenegr

Kazakhstan vs Finland

Denmark vs San Marin

Slovenia vs Northern Ireland

Serbia vs Hungary

2024 Euro Qualifiers Matchday 5 Second Fixtures

The second day of Matchday 5 fixtures will be played on Friday, 8 September 2023 with seven matches lined up.

Full fixtures

Georgia vs Spain

Cyprus vs Scotland

Croatia vs Latvia

Türkiye vs ArmeniaBosnia

Herzegovina vs Liechtenstein

Luxembourg vs Iceland

Slovakia vs Portugal

2024 Euro Qualifiers Matchday 5 Third Fixtures

This is the last day of action on Matchday 5. It will take place on Saturday, 9 September 2023 with seven fixtures.

Full fixtures

Ukraine vs England

North Macedonia vs Italy

Azerbaijan vs Belgium

Estonia vs Sweden

Andorra vs Belarus

Kosovo vs Switzerland

Romania vs Israel

2024 Euro Qualifiers Matchday 6 First Fixtures

First schedule Matchday 6 fixtures will be played on Sunday, 10 September 2023 with nine matches to be played.

Full fixtures

Greece vs Gibraltar

Republic of Ireland vs Netherlands

Faroe Islands vs Moldova

Albania vs Poland

Montenegro vs Bulgaria

Lithuania vs Serbia

Kazakhstan vs Northern Ireland

Finland vs Denmark

San Marino vs Slovenia

2024 Euro Qualifiers Matchday 6 Second Fixtures

The second schedule of Matchday 6 will be played on Monday, 11 September 2023 with five matches scheduled.

Full fixtures

Armenia vs Croatia

Latvia vs Wales

Iceland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina

Portugal vs Luxembourg

Slovakia vs Liechtenstein

2024 Euro Qualifiers Matchday 6 Third Fixtures

Round 6 of 2024 Euros qualifiers fixtures will be concluded on third schedule of Matchday 6 and will be played on Tuesday, 12 September 2023. Nine matches will be played.

Full fixtures

Norway vs Georgia

Spain vs Cyprus

Italy vs Ukraine

Malta vs North Macedonia

Belgium vs Estonia

Sweden vs Austria

Israel vs Belarus

Romania vs Kosovo

Switzerland vs Andorra

How to watch 2024 Euro qualifiers for September

2024 Euro qualifiers for September will be streamed live on various football broadcast agencies including online streaming platforms. You can watch all matches live on bein SPORT.


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