2022 UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid was delayed for more than 30 minutes due to security threats

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The 2022 UEFA Champions League final held in Paris between Liverpool and Real Madrid was delayed by over 30 minutes due to security challenges.

The initial kick-off time was 20:00 UK time but the kick-off time had to be extended to 20:30 UK time even though the European football governing body, UEFA claimed that the kick-off time would be delayed by 15 minutes.

A tweet shared via the official Twitter handle of the European football governing body read; “For security reasons, the UEFA Champions League final kick-off has been delayed by 15 minutes. It will now start at 21:15 CET.”

At the time UEFA shared the tweet, countless Liverpool fans who had tickets to enter the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, France, were still stranded outside the 2022 UEFA Champions League final venue.

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Security operatives in the stadium had to shut down the entrances to the stadium even before the Liverpool fans who had tickets could make their way into the match venue.

Most of the Liverpool fans were seen gathered outside gate Z of the stadium in anticipation that the security operatives would open the gate for them to gain access into the venue.

But the security operatives are reportedly overwhelmed by the number of Liverpool fans who do not have tickets but want to force their way in.

Reports claimed that some of the fans climbed parameters in an attempt to force their way through by any means possible just to be inside the stadium.

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The situation got so bad that the French police had to release tear gas to scare the irate fans away but most of them reportedly stood their ground.

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Hence, the delay had to be prolonged to give the security operatives more room to bring things into order and get the Liverpool fans who have tickets into the stadium.

After a series of back and forth, the 2022 UEFA Champions League final kicked off 35 minutes later that it was earlier scheduled due to fans troubles.

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