2020-2021 Premier League table: Jose Mourinho Rubbishes current standings


    The manager of Tottenham football club, Jose Mourinho has insisted that the current standings of the 2020-2021 Premier League table mean nothing to him. The Portuguese tactician said the table will start making sense between February and March 2021.

    As the 2020-2021 Premier League table currently stands, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are the two big-6 teams in the top-6 of the current Premier League table. The other big-6 teams of the league – Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Arsenal, are still striving to get their rhythm so for this season.

    After 6 Premier League matches, Liverpool, the reigning champions of the league are currently occupying the second spot behind the most unlikely club, Everton. As at the time of publishing this report, Wolves are 3rd with the same 13 points as first placed Everton and second-placed Liverpool but Wolves have played a match more than the top-two.

    Liverpool are playing their 7th league match of the season against West Ham United today, October 31, at 18:30. While Everton will play their 7th league game against Newcastle United on Sunday, November 1 at 15:00.

    The 4th spot on the league table is currently occupied by Aston Villa that have accumulated 12 points in 5 matches. Villa will play their 6th league match of the season against Southampton on Sunday at 13:00.

    While the 5th spot is occupied by Leicester City with 12 points in 6 matches. Leicester that started the season as the league’s table-toppers will continue their quest to return to the summit of the league on Monday, November 2, against Leeds United.

    For Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal Manchester United, and Manchester City, the league did not kick-off the usual way, they are currently occupying the 6th, 10th, 11th, 13th, and 15th spots respectively with an unequal number of matches.

    Tottenham will resume their battle for the league title against Brighton on Sunday at 20:15. Chelsea will play against Burnley today at 16:00. Arsenal have a date with Manchester United on Sunday at 17:30. While Manchester City have a date with Sheffield United today at 13:30.

    The result of these games, whether it goes in favor of the big-6 or not, will change the current standings on the league table. The most likely member of the big-6 that could join Liverpool in the top-4 on the league table is Tottenham. But Mourinho wants the world to know that the reality of the table is yet to be formed.

    “I believe the table now doesn’t mean much,” Mourinho said. “I believe that by February, March, you look to the table and understand the reality of the competition.

    “A part of that special season with a special Leicester, a part of that you get into February or March and the reality of the teams are expressed on the table, at this moment not yet.

    “We had magnificent results away in the Premier League but at home, we lost too many points and with these points, we would be there but it is not a target.

    “The target is to win against Brighton knowing that anything can happen in the Premier League.”

    2020-2021 Premier League table: Jose Mourinho Rubbishes current standings


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