10 Football Careers You Can Venture Into


Football is one most loved and watched sports in the world, and it has fans all over the globe. As a great fan, starting a career in football can be the next thing you have in mind. You will agree with me that there are different careers in football. Learning about them without having to be an athlete will you find the right football career path. We shall be exploring some careers you can try out in the football industry.

Football career meaning

Football is one of the long-created sports, where some set of people play for a particular reason. Most people are not deeply interested in working on the pitch, but there are a whole lot of careers that can be tried. So we can say a football career is a way of choosing a path in the football industry without necessarily working on the field. So what other careers can you venture into in football?

Careers in The football Industry You Can Try

football career

As we have established, you do not need to be on the pitch to have a career in the football industry, below are some of the careers you pursue instated.

1. Sport writer

If you are the type who loves everything about sports, especially football, this can be a means of making a living with your passion. What is expected of you is to write stories, articles, reports, and news about Football. Your expertise will be needed in this field as proof that you can write well with the appropriate tone.

You can be fortunate to have more jobs in this regard if you have a flare for other sports. By so doing, you will have the opportunity to report for different sports. Also, with your expertise, your words can be published in different magazines, and people’s blogs, and it can also be your blog. You can check here for sports writing jobs.

2. Sports coach

This is an advanced level of career in any of the sports industries because you will need to be certified. Pursuing this football career, there are some skills that you must have to get a job here. Your responsibilities will be to oversee the team, plan with them, and implement both offensive and defensive strategies. A certified coach knows how to manage different age groups and still has amazing results.

3. Broadcaster

A broadcaster is simply someone who takes part in talks or interviews, and this will be a great career to try out. If you have a passion for football and also for broadcasting, and appearing on the screen then you can be a football broadcaster. Asides from taking part in interviews, you also have the opportunity to make announcements, read news, and appear on screen to talk about football.

4. Referee

Working as a referee is a good football career to venture in. Your role is to enforce the rules of the game, make decisions and coordinate the game appropriately. You signal the start and the end of the game, also you award necessary punishments for any foul play or offense.

Another thing a referee will do is to check the types of equipment on the field, like the goalpost, and the attention of the appropriate authority if there’s any issue. To perform well in this role, you must have understood all the nitty gritty of football, and also attend a refereeing school.

5. Athletic trainer

athletic trainer soccer

To work as an athletic trainer, you are meant to prepare the athletes for any game at hand, that is make them game ready. Also, you are to teach different preventive measures, and how to always play safe. Your work also involves exercises, workouts, and other necessary things and to keep their body in the best shape and perform well for any game. You can also be a personal trainer to a professional athlete.

6. Talent scout

As a talent scout, your responsibility is to look out for different talents of different ages that can be for the team. At this juncture, you are permitted to go to colleges, and towns, even create competition to be able to pick the best talent in that area. You will work with the coach and give updates from time to time, and your talents are to be picked based on what the team wants at the moment, also based on the coach’s request.

You may not need too many qualifications, but you must have the necessary skills to fit in. The ability to research player statistics, travel around, and discern the best will help you have a successful career as a talent scout.

7. Team manager

Working as a team Manager, all this is required of you in your football career is to oversee the entire athletic program. You have the opportunity to also oversee the coaches, staff, and the whole team making sure everyone abides by the rules and regulations. You can also build local support for the sports team by planning different events. Overall, you are to manage the whole team.

8. Physical therapist

One of the ways to have an effective result is to see a therapist. For every player that plays, there will be a time they will need the help of a therapist, and there you can come in. You are more like a healthcare professional, who gives help to people with rehabilitation after their injury. In the process of making them get fit on time, you create a treatment plan to help hasten the healing process. This means you have to know the common injuries that affect players, and by so doing you will be able to give the right treatment plan. Also, you can share your knowledge with the whole team as well, so that they can get familiar with the common injuries. By knowing this, they also have the best knowledge to prevent any form of injury.

9. Dietitian

football dietician

As much as food is very important, eating the right proportion will aid success and progress. As a dietician, you should be able to educate the players on the time of food to eat, when there’s a match, and when they are off-pitch. Having a bad eating habit or disorder will surely have effects on the players. A dietician is meant to create a well-balanced diet, explain the reason for the meal combinations, and why they should embrace it often. You will have the opportunity to work with chefs or cooks to know the right food to prepare on time.

10. Human Resource Manager

You can also operate as a human resource manager in the football industry. An HR’s work will be to hire, recruit, and train people in the organization. Working in the football world, you are to hire employees into the athletic department, and also provide training resources for the advancement of the team. A resource management specialist will also create policies for workers’ well-being and help them implement new initiatives.

Final words on Football career

If you are thinking of finding a job or starting a career in the football industry, you should have an interest in any of the listed examples above. Having a football career will not only be about working on the pitch as earlier stated. Endeavor to get the right qualifications, and apply for any role you see around you.


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