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Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be out for the rest of the season with Achilles injury

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has brought another course of concern to Italian Serie A side AC Milan which is banking on him to help the club go beyond the seventh position on the league table if the 2019-2020 season finally restarts in Italy. It could be out with an Achilles injury for the second time this year.

Recall that he spent the first two months of this year out of AC Milan team because of this injury. He could not do much before the season was halted by the coronavirus pandemic. He will be greatly needed at this point as talks have reached an advanced stage that the season in Italy should restart on June 13.

The club and indeed the fans of the Italian club thought their heroic striker would have returned to full fitness after enjoying additional two months away from rigorous training due to the coronavirus pandemic which halted sports in Italy in March.

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The last time Zlatan Ibrahimovic played in a match was when he featured for Hammarby, a club he partly owned in his home country, Sweden. He played in a friendly match for the team and he scored a goal. A sign that if coronavirus has not interrupted the season in Italy, he would have been good to continue scoring for AC Milan.

Besides that, throughout the lockdown which he mostly spent in Sweden, the former Manchester United‘s striker engaged in “stay at home challenge” where he was seen jogging the ball and displaying a variety of football skills.

Yet, when he returned to Italy to join up with the rest of AC Milan’s players for training, the Swedish football legend was hit with another injury scare. This time around, it was not during a competitive match nor in a close-contact training, he was practising long-range shooting when he went down complaining about pains in his achilles on Monday.

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He has been taken to the medical centre and a scan is said to have been carried out to ascertain if it was the achilles injury he sustained in January that has returned. If it is the injury, it means that Ibrahimovic will not be fit enough to play any part in the remaining games in the disrupted season.

Unfortunately for the former Barcelona striker, his deal with AC Milan will expire in June. Though the club has an option to extend the deal by 12 months, the reoccurring injuries might not encourage the club to do that with ease.

Pundits believe that the reoccurring injuries could be a sign that Zlatan Ibrahimovic has gotten his best from football and he needs to move on to other things. The world awaits to see how far the 38-year-old iconic goal scorer would want to push it.

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