Zaki Anwari, the Afghan footballer that dies after falling off from U.S. Air Force Boeing C-17 [Video]

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Zaki Anwari was just like thousands of Afghans who were trying desperately to leave Afghanistan after a terrorist group, the Taliban recaptured the country.

Unfortunately for the 19-year-old Afghanistan national youth team footballer, he could not make it out of the country and could not stay alive to see what would become of his country under the reign of the Taliban.

The young footballer was among the thousands of Afghans that flooded the heavily guarded Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, in an attempt to leave the country.

They didn’t go there with their passports and visas to wait for their booked flights, they were there to flee the country via the United States of America Air Force C-17 transport plane.

Zaki Anwari, the Afghan footballer that dies after falling off from U.S. Air Force Boeing C-17 [Video]
Afghans flood the United States of America Air Force C-17 transport plane before it took off from Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.

According to viral reports, the US Air Force cargo plane was filled beyond capacity with mostly US citizens in Afghanistan and some of their Afghan colleagues.

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As the plane was being loaded and preparing to take off, the over 4,500 US troops who are in temporary control of the airport could not stop the Afghan citizens that flooded the airport.

Zaki Anwari was among the thousands of Afghan citizens that made it onto the runway of the airport on Wednesday, August 18, 2021. The young footballer and many other people chased after the plane as it was about to take off until Zaki Anwari succeeded in clinging to the side of the plane.

The plane successfully took off from the runway with him clung to the plane but the footballer could not hold on to the plane for too long. Hence, he fell off and landed so badly that no medical attention could help him.

On Thursday, August 19, 2021, it was confirmed that Zaki Anwari died after he fell from the cargo plane. It was also confirmed that the cargo plane got to its destination, Qatar, successfully.

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Local media in Afghanistan reported that it was not only Zaki Anwari that fell off the plane. It was reported that another unidentified person also fell from the plane and died due to the impact of the fall.

A statement from the Department of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) confirmed that when the cargo plane landed in Qatar, it was discovered that dead bodies were found in the landing gear of the plane. It is believed that the deceased made it to the landing gear in an attempt to also flee Afghanistan.

“In addition to online videos and press reports of people falling from the aircraft on departure, human remains were discovered in the wheel well of the C-17 after it landed at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar,” the statement read.

Aside from those who died after falling off the plane, some reports claimed that at least five people died where they were struggling to get on the plane.

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Reports also claimed that the U.S. air force had to fire in the air severally to deter people from getting close to the plane but the effort was close to being unsuccessful as the plane had to take off amidst the chaos.

Watch how Zaki Anwari fell off from the cargo plane below:

Reports say the government of the United States and the Taliban have an agreement that the U.S. should evacuate their allies from the country on or before August 31. And the newly elected president of the U.S., Joe Biden, has insisted that there is no going back on the agreement.

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