Would you rather have Mo Salah or Sadio Mane?

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Mo Salah may not be able to score 40 goals, but if May is a historic month for Liverpool, he could achieve something far more spectacular.

Would you rather have Mo Salah or Sadio Mane?

Mo Salah, the Liverpool superstar, hasn’t had the best 2022 season. He stated in an interview with BT Sport when his team reached the final of the Champions League that his goal for the season was to score 40 goals, but that seems improbable now.

Salah’s brace from the penalty spot against Leeds United in late February brought him to 26, and he must have thought he was on track. But he’s only managed to score a few goals since then, and there are only three games left.

Even yet, it’s easy to forget how impressive his track record is. He has 45 goals and 45 assists in 45 outings. It appears that one occurs every game, but it actually occurs every 81.4 minutes.

For comparison, Lionel Messi scored a goal per 80.6 minutes last season, which was enough to earn him the Ballon d’Or. Messi, who has had a rather low-key season in Paris by his unprecedented standards, will not be in contention this time.

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Mo Salah and Karim Benzema are currently the two favorites, and they are meeting in the Champions League final. Benzema may be the best player on the earth right now, with his match-winning penalty against Manchester City on Wednesday bringing his total to 43 goals and 14 assists in as many games. He has already led Real to a comfortable La Liga title.

The fact that Sadio Mané is the third favorite this year emphasizes the importance of trophies. Mane’s 20 goals are impressive, but not at the same level as many of his opponents. He rose to prominence partly due to his victory in the Africa Cup of Nations.

The goal isn’t to debate the virtues of silverware-based judgment, but rather to highlight its prevalence. So, while Salah may not be able to equal Benzema’s statistics, if he can add the Champions League, and potentially another trophy, to the Carabao Cup he won in February, he may well have the upper hand. For Benzema, the La Liga title and the Spanish Super Cup may not be enough.

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Salah’s failure to reach the AFCON final and the World Cup play-offs may unfairly count against him, whereas Benzema’s France has a real chance of winning in Qatar. However, the ceremony will have already taken place prior to the start of the event.

Would you rather have Mo Salah or Sadio Mane?

Salah has been awarded the PFA Player of the Year and the CAF Men’s Player of the Decade during his tenure at Anfield. The Ballon D’Or, on the other hand, is a step up, and whether or not this is his best season, it appears to be his best opportunity.

In 2021/2022, who has the most goals? Sadio Mané or Mohamed Salah?

The following are Mohamed Salah’s offensive abilities. He’s scored 22 goals and attempted 61 shots on goal. This yields a 50 percent goal conversion rate. He had 79 huge changes in all. Only logged-in users have access to expected goals.

The following are Sadio Mané’s attacking abilities. He has 14 goals and 37 shots on goal this season. This leads to a 43 percent goal conversion percentage. He had 51 huge changes in all.

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In 2021/2022, who has the most assists? Sadio Mané or Mohamed Salah?

The following illustration depicts passing and playmaking abilities. Mohamed Salah has 12 assists, 72 important passes (passes that lead to a goal), and 64 opportunities created.

Sadio Mané has a total of four assists, 41 important passes, and 23 opportunities created.

The pass completion rate in general, and especially the pass completion rate inside the opponent’s box – because this is where most goals are scored – is another essential metric to use to assess a player’s performance.

Mohamed Salah has a 53 percent pass completion percentage on passes into the box. Sadio Mané has a 59 percent completion rate for passes into the box.

Only our logged-in users may see expected goals, expected goal build-up, and expected goal chain value.

Who is better in defense: Mohamed Salah or Sadio Mané?

Consider Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané’s defensive abilities. Mohamed Salah has two blocks, 69 aerial duels, and 44 tackles to his credit.

Sadio Mané has six blocks, 102 aerial duels, and 55 tackles to his credit.

We feel Mohamed Salah is the better player right now, based on all statistical data. Please use the comment box below to share your thoughts with us. We will gladly respond.

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