World Cup Fantasy Football: Best Forwards to Pick & Prices

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The World Cup 2022 starts on November 20, 2022. Those who are lovers of fantasy football can try out the World Cup fantasy football while the tournament last.

How Do You Register A Team For The 2022 World Cup Fantasy Football?

In order to register, you have to navigate the FIFA website. On the site, locate a section where you can sign up for the fantasy football league. After you are done with the registration, you can start putting the teams together.

You can also go ahead and give your team a name and save it.

The deadline for the arrangement of your team comes before the first match of the World Cup between Qatar and Ecuador on November 20, 2022.

How do you play the 2022 World Cup fantasy game, and what are the rules?

To win the fantasy game, you have to accumulate as many points as you can before the World Cup tournament ends. The winner must top the global dashboard of players.

From the squad of 15 players, you must select your best 11 out of the 15. Each time those 11 players perform, they get points based on their performances.

With a budget of €100 million each, you must choose 15 players in total, including two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders, and three attackers.

When getting ready for the game, you can choose from eight different formations.

You can select your captain, and any captain you select gets double points for his performance. It is also possible for you, as a player, to choose another captain.

How Fantasy Points Are Being Calculated?

For playing 60 minutes or more: 1 point

For playing 60 minutes or more (including extra points): 2 points

For each goal scored by a goalkeeper: 9 points

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For each goal scored by a defender: 7 points

For each goal scored by a midfielder or forward: 5 points 

Each goal scored by a forward is worth four points.

Each assist: 3 points

For every clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender : 5 points

For every clean sheet by a midfielder: 1 point

For every three shots saved by a goalkeeper: 1 point

For every three shots saved by the goalkeeper: 1 point 

For every penalty saved, 3 points 

For every goal conceded by a goalkeeper or defender after the first goal: -1

For each yellow card: -1

For each red card: -2

For each own goal: -2

For winning a penalty: +2

For conceding a penalty: -2

What prizes can you win in 2022 World Cup fantasy football?

Players who place first on the World Cup 2022 fantasy scoreboard are not awarded any prizes.

Players who sign up for the game and submit a team prior to the opening game of the 2022 World Cup will be entered into a draw for a chance to win two tickets to the championship match.

Below are the top ten forwards you should spend your $100 million sign up bonus on:

1. Lautaro Martinez (Argentina $8M)

Since he became a favorite of manager Lionel Scaloni, Lautaro Martinez has been in excellent form for Inter and is anticipated to start for Argentina.

Lautaro Martinez on the training ground

Even though he is playing for a country that is in the running to win the championship, Martinez is a less expensive option who might always start games. A wise choice could be to buy Lautaro on your 2022 World Cup fantasy football.

2. Kylian Mbappe (France $11.5M)

He is the most expensive player on the list. If France wins the World Cup, it totally means that Mbappe scored a lot of goals and created chances for his teammates.

Kylian Mbappe smiling in a picture

Mbappe is worth spending money on. The winger may end up being the best player in the tournament due to his pace and ability to score, but it is left for the midfielders to create chances for him.

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3. Lionel Messi (Argentina $10.5M)

Messi will be a good pick; he is capable of creating chances and scoring goals. He is in fine form for club and country, and Argentina has been tipped to win the World Cup.

Lionel Messi looking good in a picture

It is Messi’s last World Cup, and he wants his name to be written in the history books as the player who won all the available titles.

4. Joao Felix (Portugal $8M)

He could end up being one of the players that may outperform the price tag. He is one of the hottest prospects in the Portugal squad and can play as a striker and a right winger.

Joao Felix inaction For Portugal

Due to his performances at Atletico Madrid this season, he could be a good pick.

5. Dusan Vlahovic (Serbia)

Serbia is one of the nations featured under the category of dark horses, and for good cause. They have several players that are incredibly skilled, but Juventus’ Dusan Vlahovic stands out possibly the most.

Vlahovic celebrating after scoring a goal

Due to injury of Aleksandar Mitrović, Vlahovic is likely to be a talisman for the Serbia side. Considering his cheap price, picking Vlahovic is likely to be a good idea.

6. Vinicius Junior (Brazil $10.5M)

Although he is a world-class player, people are going to fancy choosing him for the fantasy World Cup. The Real Madrid star is worth the same price as Neymar Jr. 

World Cup
Vinicius Jr in action for Brazil

In addition, in terms of providing assists and scoring goals, Vinicius is a player you can count on to get you points. He is one of the stars to watch in the World Cup due to his strength and pace.

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7. Ansu Fati (Spain $7.5M)

The Guinea-born winger may not get the starting spot for Spain in the FIFA World Cup 2022, but could be a good call for the 2022 World Cup Fantasy Football. He is a very nice player with good pace and the ability to change games.

World Cup
Ansu Fati in action for Brazil

If Spain needs a winning goal, Fati may come in to be the game changer and the scorer of the winning goal for Spain. For the price, he’s worth a shot.

8. Rafael Leao (Portugal $8M)

The AC Milan winger is a hot prospect and is looking forward to shining at the World Cup for Portugal. Even though the Portuguese team is blessed with attackers, Leao is likely to cement a place on the right wing.

World Cup
Rafael Leao on the training pitch

He is going to be a good pick due to his form for his club.

9. Inaki William (Ghana $6.5M)

This is based on Ghana’s ability to qualify from the group stage of the World Cup. If done, all attention will be focused on Atletico Bilbao striker William, who will be playing the World Cup for the first time in his career.

World Cup
Inaki william trying to control the ball in a match for Ghana

His desire and pace will surprise a lot of big teams in the World Cup. He is among the cheap options which is worth going with 

10. Darwin Nunez (Uruguay $8M)

Although he started poorly and couldn’t justify his price tag in the first five matches, Nunez had found his form with scoring goals recently. He is going to see a lot of playing chances during the World Cup.

World Cup
Darwin Nunez in action for Uruguay

Uruguay has been tipped to reach the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar. Nunez is likely to be the center of attention.

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