Wolves First Game Myth: Can Frank Lampard Win Champions League With Chelsea?

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Frank Lampard was replaced by Thomas Tuchel who played his first game against Wolves before going on to win the Champions League in the 2021-2022 season.

Frank Lampard
Can Frank Lampard win Champions League with Chelsea based on ‘Wolves first game myth’?

Can Frank Lampard win the Champions League with Chelsea after facing Wolves in his first game in his second stint?

There have been conjectures flying around that Frank Lampard may likely win the Champions League if the ‘Wolves first game myth’ plays out.

What is ‘Wolves’ first game myth’?

In 2021, Frank Lampard was sacked as Chelsea manager. Thomas Tuchel was appointed as his replacement. Less than a year into the job, Thomas Tuchel led Chelsea to the Champions League trophy.

Before winning the coveted European club silverware, Thomas played Wolves in his first Premier League game after taking over from Lampard.

Thomas Tuchel played his first game as Chelsea manager against Wolves, the match ended 0-0

Frank Lampard left Chelsea in the Champions League knockouts before he was sacked by Chelsea.

Now, history has repeated itself and is about to unravel through full cycle. Frank Lampard has returned to the dugout after Thomas Tuchel and his successor Graham have been sacked.

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Chelsea are left in the knockout of Champions League and Frank Lampard is set to play his first game as Chelsea interim manager against Wolves.

If the ‘Wolves first game’ myth plays out, then Frank Lampard may likely win the Champions League with Chelsea.

Frank Lampard
Thomas Tuchel won the Champions League after taking over from Lampard and playing Wolves in his first Premier game

The Chelsea legend is warming up to take on Wolves in the Premier League and the club is in the quarterfinals of the Champions League where they will take on Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, there are some reservations with the “Wolves first game myth’ because not all the “I’s” and “T’s” are dotted and crossed.

For instance, Thomas Tuchel’s first game against Wolves ended in a barren draw. If Chelsea draw Wolves’ game under Lampard and moreso settle for a barren scoreline, it will further advance the myth the Blues are on their way to Champions League triumph.

Fact check! Can Chelsea win the Champions League this season?

It is pertinent to note, myths sometimes plays out or fails irrespective of the caprices of the progenitors. They are not backed with scientific evidence hence it is more a matter of faith and cannot be predicted due to lack of enough facts to back it up.

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Frank Lampard is back to Chelsea dugout after Tuchel and Potter were sacked. He will play Wolves in his first game and Chelsea are in the Champions League

Realistically, Chelsea are not among the favourites to win the Champions League this season when juxtaposed with the eight clubs remaining in the competition.

The likes of Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid are voted massively by bookmakers and pundits to win the trophy.

Chelsea happens to be rated least on the last four clubs that must fight through to the final on the left side of the divide.

Frank Lampard will tackle giant-killers and reigning European and Laliga champions Real Madrid in the quarterfinal.

If Chelsea survive Real Madrid, they will face either Bayern Munich or Manchester City – another two heavyweights.

As things stand, Frank Lampard may require nothing less from magic to reestablish a Chelsea team, that has been struggling this season, to face a formidable Real Madrid side.

From the foregoing, Chelsea’s Champions League chances are far slimmer. The ‘Wolves first game myth’ is just a fancy tale that will not withstand the firing power of either Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Manchester City.

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Hence, Frank Lampard is unlikely to win the Champions League with Chelsea due the stark enormity of facts and odds against the myth.

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