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Will Manchester United find a breakthrough in signing Jadon Sancho?

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There have been speculations that Manchester United of England is quite keen on Borussia Dortmund youngster, Jadon Sancho and are making efforts to sign him into the club. If Manchester United will have a breakthrough in signing the youngster, they might have to break their signing record, because the youngster is reportedly worth about £126M.

No doubt, Manchester United is one of the richest clubs in the world, hence, signing any player would not be a problem for them. However, there is more to signing a player than a mere money funfair. World-class players have other things they look at before agreeing to a deal with any team.

Manchester United’s Champion League spell has not been broken in a while. The team.only manage to be within the sight of the Europa league with no consistent outstanding performance. More so, Manchester United is currently seated at the 5th position of the Premier League, whereas, only the first four teams of each league are allowed to compete in the Champions League. Hopefully, if UEFA should refuse to accept Manchester City’s appeal, Manchester United may be chanced to compete in the Champions League if they finish on the gift position in the Premier League.

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The dream of every youngster is to feature in the Champions League, especially a player like Jadon Sancho who has been playing in the Champions League. Also, another hindrance that could hinder the English club from successfully signing Jadon Sancho is the present form of the team. Manchester United team has been inconsistent in all their plays, the awkward moment they win two consecutive games and everyone thinks the club is back on winning track, in their next game, they might suffer a humiliating defeat again. The consistency of the team and its position in the European competition are some of the main factors that world-class players look at before agreeing to a deal with any team.

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