Why is Ousmane Dembele’s injury history list so long? … the Barcelona player is injured again after playing one game in 5 months.

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Barcelona player Ousmane Dembele has a long history of injuries that have prevented him from becoming the best football player that he was in the past. Dembele’s injury list is so long that people are beginning to call him the glass man.

The French national player who also plays for Barcelona was out for over 5 months due to injury. He came back and played his first match for the club in 164 days just to get injured again.

Check out Dembele’s injury history below.

SeasonInjuryfromuntilDaysGames missed
21/22Hamstring InjuryNov 4, 20211 days
21/22Knee InjuryJun 20, 2021Nov 1, 2021134 days14
20/21Unknown InjuryApr 21, 2021Apr 23, 20212 days1
20/21Hamstring InjuryDec 6, 2020Dec 28, 202022 days5
19/20Hamstring InjuryFeb 4, 2020Aug 13, 2020191 days19
19/20Torn muscle bundleNov 28, 2019Feb 2, 202066 days13
19/20Muscular problemsSep 27, 2019Sep 30, 20193 days1
19/20Hamstring InjuryAug 19, 2019Sep 22, 201934 days5
18/19Hamstring InjuryMay 5, 2019Jun 16, 201942 days4
18/19Torn muscle bundleMar 14, 2019Apr 9, 201926 days4
18/19Ankle InjuryJan 21, 2019Feb 8, 201918 days5
17/18Torn muscle bundleJan 15, 2018Feb 10, 201826 days7
17/18Hamstring InjurySep 17, 2017Jan 1, 2018106 days20
16/17Problems with the hip flexorJan 9, 2017Jan 19, 201710 days
16/17BruiseDec 19, 2016Dec 19, 20160 days

Ousmane Dembele picked up an injury during his comeback against Dynamo Kyiv and now he may be out for a long time.

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