Why Footballers support #Endsars… Futballnews supports the #EndSars movement.

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A few days ago, Futballnews reported that some footballers used their platform to support the protest against police brutality in Nigeria. In case you missed it, you can read it here, Footballer around the world shared their support for Endsars protest.

Lack of security, senseless killing, police brutality, and extortion is very rampant in Nigeria. And in some cases, these oppressions come

from the people who are put in place to protect the citizens of Nigeria.

A police unit called SARS was formed in 1984 by a retired police boss Fulani Kwajafa. SARS stands for Special anti-robbery squad, and this unit is supposed to tackle armed robbery cases in Nigeria. However, there are many allegations such as extortions, killings, and robbery against this SARS unit. Many of these allegations have been shared on video, but the Nigerian government did not do anything about it.

Eventually, two Nigerian celebrities, Falz and Runtown rallied people on Twitter and they stormed the street to protest against SARS with the hashtag, #endsars. The protest gained a lot of energy and now it gotten so big that the Nigerian government can no longer ignore it. Also, many footballers like Mesut Ozil, Tammy Abraham, Alex Iwobi, and many more are using their big platforms to support the campaign against police brutality in Nigeria.

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These footballers support the protesters because most of the protesters have no voice, and also because they are fans of football and their lives matter.

As a media outlet, we support Endsars movement because we have been personally affected and also because we need our African leaders to treat our fellow black people better.

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