Why Argentina Might Win The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

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Argentina might win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar as a tournament favorite as other contingency events have repeated themselves.

World Cup

It appears no other World Cup tournament will rival the 2022 World Cup with the publicity, drama, and other series of events that occurred in the build-up to the tournament.

From the controversies that trailed the award of the hosting right to the fact that it is the first edition of the tournament to be held in strictly conservative Arab nation.

The stage was set for collision between the west and FIFA for hosting such a global event in a relatively conservative Arab region with little or no tolerance for western ideals.

Apart from this, the world football governing body made many compromises with the host to proceed with the tournament.

An integral part of that compromise was the respect for Qatari culture and people (starkly opposite to Western culture), and another significant compromise was the shift in the regular hosting schedule that forced many Europeans League to take a break due to Qatari weather.

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While the conflict simmered and crystalized on round table talks, passionate speeches, and rainbow flags and colors, the 2022 World Cup finally kicked off and the fans enjoyed the thrill, shocks and surprises that followed.

The group stages of the tournament have been completed, and there have been several theories on what may happen or not happen, with some teams in the tournament looking at past results and records.

The most outstanding and more likely among these theories is the likelihood of Argentina repeating the 1986 feat, given the similar 1986 World Cup group standings that have played out in the 2022 edition.

Note that in 1986, Argentina defeated West Germany 3-2 after regulation time in Mexico to win the World Cup.

World Cup

However, before winning the trophy, Argentina won their group after managing 5 points to top the group. The group consisted of Italy, who came second with 4 points, Bulgaria, who came third with 2 points, and then South Korea, who were rocked bottom with just a point.

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What happened in other groups?

In group F, African side Morocco won the group with 4 points, with the likes of England, Poland, and Portugal finishing second, third, and fourth, respectively.

1986 World Cup group

In Group B, Mexico finished top with 5 points, followed by Paraguay, Belgium, and Iraq in that order.

World Cup
1986 World Cup group

In Group C, USSR tops the group, followed by France, Hungary, and Canada, in that order.

1986 World Cup group

While Morocco topped their group, Belgium finished third in their group, and Canada finished bottom.

Similar group standings has played out after the final group games of the 2022 World Cup.

Argentina have won Group C; Morocco won Group F with 7 points; Canada finished bottom of F with no points and finished third in the same group.

It is safe to say that Argentina may likely win the 2022 World Cup if conspiracy theories do actually hold sway over the outcome of games and tournaments.

Meanwhile, the team bundled out Australia in the tournament and is set for a quarterfinal clash with the Netherlands. They have been deemed as tournament favorites.

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