Who is Tina Polovina and what is her relationship with Josip Ilicic

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The name Tina Polovina is a name of the beautiful wife to a fantastic footballer Josip Ilicic who plays for Serie A side Atalanta.

Since late July 2020, Atalanta and Slovenian forward Josip Ilicic has disappeared from where football fans always want him to be which is on the football field. His absence from the world of football was a result of personal reasons, according to statements from Atalanta.

However, viral speculations stressed that the 32-year-old football star slid into depression due to some personal reasons. While some news outlets are saying that he has issues with his wife in terms of cheating, we think this is false, because there are no known sources that is verifiable in terms of this allegations.

According to ‘Oh My Goal’, they claimed that Josip’s wife cheated on him but they also said that it was an Italian news the reported it first. See the video below.

Since the news went viral in the last week of July until the time of publishing this report, Josip Ilicic nor his representatives were yet to issue a statement to debunk the speculation about his wife cheating, but Futballnews does not think that the allegation is true. However, he recently disabled the comment section on his Instagram page earlier in August because of the attacks directed at his wife by his Instagram followers through the comment section.

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He recently took to his Instagram story to share a selfie of himself and his wife which is perceived to be a way of announcing to the world that he and Tina Polovina are not having any crisis.

A picture Josip Ilicic shared recently on his Instagram story.
A picture Tina Polovina’s husband Josip Ilicic shared recently on his Instagram story.

Also, a critical check on his Instagram page proved that Josip Ilicic still keeps the pictures he snapped with Tina Polovina. This is rare among celebrities who have a crisis as serious as what the world has been made to believe.

Tina Polovina and her husband Josip Ilicic
Tina Polovina and her husband Josip Ilicic

But if the Atalanta star wants the world to think that all is well between him and his wife, why has he been away from football at the tail end of a season that is obviously the best in his career? Why has he not come out to set the records straight? Well, from all indications, Ilicic may be out with an injury; whatever has been keeping him away from football must be as personal and we wish him the best.

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Who is Tina Polovina?

Tina Polovina
Tina Polovina

There are scanty information about Tina Polovina. Besides the fact that she is the wife of Josip llicic, there is nothing much about her that is available online.

However, it was gathered that the Slovenian used to be a gymnast. There are also some reports that claim that she used to represent Slovenia as an athlete who specializes in 400 to 800 metre race.

When she could not go further with being a gymnast or an athlete, she retired from sports and picked up a job at the Slovenian ministry of education. That is where she has been working which could be the reason she didn’t move to Italy with her husband.

Since Tina Polovina met with 32-year-old Josip Ilicic in 2009 when they were both struggling to make it through sport, hence she should be either 29 or 30-year-old as at the time of publishing this report.

Tina Poloviana and Josip Ilicic’s relationship

The relationship between Tina Poloviana and Josip Ilicic started in 2009 and they remained together ever since. The point in the relationship where they became married was not known but it was gathered that they had their first child in 2013. They named her Sofia. Their second child Victoria was born in 2018.

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Tina Poloviana and her two daughters, Sofia and Victoria
Tina Poloviana and her two daughters, Sofia and Victoria

Ilicic loves Tina so much that the Atalanta star always dedicates his goals to her in almost every match he scores. He always does that by using his hands to make a “little heart” sign. This means that Ilicic reminded Tina how much he loves her 21-time which represents the number goals he has scored in 34 appearances for Atalanta this season.

Josip Ilicic's goal celebration. He used to do it more frequently while still playing for Fiorentina.
Josip Ilicic’s goal celebration. He used to do it more frequently while still playing for Fiorentina.

Josip Ilicic and his wife appears to be a wonderful family and he loves his family a lot. He is currently way from the team and the time of his return is unknown.

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