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Who is the best player in Premier League

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The 2019/20 Premier League season is presently on hold due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Europe and other parts of the world. However, before the unfortunate incident of coronavirus in England, each team in the Premier League division has played at least 28-29 matches, which is enough to judge who is the best and who is the flop of the season.

Premier League has witnessed astonishing performances from some of the top teams in the division with some of their player coming on with full force. The likes of Liverpool Sadio Mane, Mo Sallah, and Firmino are one of the forces to reckon with. Not forgetting that Manchester City also has exciting players like David Silva, Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez, Kevin De Brune and Raheem Sterling. The moment we all thought we have had enough, Manchester United sensational signing, Bruno Fernandes has proved himself with the little games he has played for the Red Devils since he joined earlier this year.

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Reasonably, it is very hard to tell which of these players is actually worthy to be called the best in Premier League. Apparently, before we can judge who the best is, we must identify some benchmark that would be used to measure these players. Since they are all wonderful players, and they all score goals, it is best that we decide who is best based on influence and impact on the team.

If this is the case, then we have to decide which of these players is the most dangerous on the field of play; even when they are on the bench they are greatly missed on the field and often times they come from bench to change the tide of the game. Judging by all these factors, then we would say the best player in Premier League for 2019/20 is Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City.

Kevin De Bruyne 

Despite the fact that his team Manchester City is seated in the second spot with 25 points away from Liverpool, Kevin De Bruyne impact in his team can not be overemphasized. Kevin De Bruyne has only registered seven goals before the season came to a half due to coronavirus outbreak, however, he has the most assist in the League.

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The game is never over when De Bruyne is on the pitch until the final whistle is blown, he has consistently dominated the league for about two seasons now.

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