What happened on November 1, 2020?..graphic details of Ryan Giggs’ alleged assault on Ex-girlfriend, Emma Greville emerges

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The details of what transpired between Ryan Giggs and his Ex-girlfriend Kate Greville have emerged. The former Manchester United left-winger and Premier League legend is standing trial at Crown Court for alleged assault on Kate Greville.

Ryan giggs
Rayan Giggs Allegedly Headbutted His Girlfriend

Ryan Giggs was arrested by the Police while on gardening vacation from his Wales national team coaching job. He has allegedly assaulted his Ex-girlfriend Kate Greville and her sister Emma Greville.

Days ago, Ryan Gigs had walked into the court premises flagged by his lawyers to the glare and prying eyes of the media. Addressing the press at the Crown Court, Ryan Giggs stated that he hopes to “clear his name” of all the charges against him by the Chief Prosecutor, Peter Wright QC.

Ryan Giggs
Ryan Gigs At Crown Court

Wright QC has accused the former football star of a high-handed, aggressive, and violent disposition towards his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville. According to Peter Wright QC, beneath an on-pitch legend idolized by football fans, Ryan Giggs hid inside him a dangerous monster that turned his private life into hell for everyone who went close to him.

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Wright accused him of assaulting his ex-girlfriend by headbutting her in the face causing severe pains and injuries.

Ryan Giggs has also allegedly assaulted Kate Greville’s sister Emma Greville in the course of quarrels between him and Kate Greville. On one occasion, Giggs allegedly threw Kate out of a five-star hotel when the latter accused him of flirting with other women. He has reportedly used violence, intimidation, and emotional abuse to coerce and control Kate Greville to serve his whims and caprices.

Ryan giggs
Ryan Giggs And Girlfriend

Footage from the police bodycam showed Ryan Giggs telling the constable that he was involved in a “tackle” with Gate Greville. The police constable said that Giggs’ lip was spattered with blood when he arrived at the residence of the footballer. The constable was responding to a 999 call alerting “domestic disturbance” at Giggs’ home.

It was Kate’s sister, Emma Greville, who placed the 999 emergency call at instance Giggs’ was allegedly assaulting Kate. The conversation between Emma Greville and the call operator was played live at Crown Court. Emma Greville could be heard saying, “please can you come quickly? He had just headbutted her in the face. You have headbutted my sister.”

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A voice could be heard from the background screaming, and the call operator was heard asking why Kate Greville was screaming. Emma responded, “he has headbutted her in the face; blood everywhere. He is coming towards me; he said he is going to headbutt me; please can you come quickly?” Ryan Giggs could also be heard saying, “Kate, all I wanted was my phone. Now we will be…”

Ryan giggs
Ryan Giggs And His

Narrating his side of the incident, Giggs said he had gone around town to have some meals and drinks with Emma Greville at home caring for the dog. When he returned, a small argument ensued between them; Kate Greville had accused him of a “couple of things,” and they had a tackle while she was with his phone. Giggs said that he has struggled to get the phone from her, which resulted in a struggle.

The Police officer who arrested Giggs said he believed Giggs was “intoxicated” because he was slow to respond to questions and his eyes were glazed.

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Giggs’ trial will continue because it was scheduled for ten days. He has denied the charges against him and may face five years imprisonment if found guilty.

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