Wayne Rooney has apologized to his family and Derby County over his outing with three 21-year-old girls

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Wayne Rooney has apologized to his family and Derby County for the pictures that went viral showing three girls flirting around him wearing undies.

The former Manchester United star and the current head coach of Derby County was seen in viral photographs asleep with some random girls around him. The photos went so viral that they attracted the attention of the police.

However, Rooney decided not to take further action against the three girls. They are identified as Elise Melvin, Brooke Morgan, and a Snapchat model Tayler Ryan who are all 21-year-old.

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In an interview with Sky Sports, the football star who is married to Coleen with four boys – Kit, Kai, Cass, and Klay, said he wants to move on from the scandal.

While apologizing to his family and his current club, Rooney revealed that he was at the club where the pictures were taken, to attend a private party with two friends. He insisted that the incident has been dealt with.

“I went to a private party with two of my friends and from me, I’d like to apologize to my family and the club for the images which were going round and I want to move forward on this”, he said.

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“I’m grateful to Derby County for giving me this opportunity to get this club back to where it belongs, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure I do that.

“It’s dealt with. I’m looking forward to moving forward and preparing for another game on Sunday.”

One of the girls that snapped wearing undies while Wayne Rooney was asleep gets dumped

One of the girls that snapped wearing undies while Wayne Rooney was asleep gets dumped
Elise Melvin, one of the girls that were seen with Rooney.

Late on Wednesday, July 28, it was reported that one of the three girls that snapped themselves wearing undies around Wayne Rooney has been dumped by her fiance.

She was part of the three girls who were seen in the photos and a clip flirting around Rooney when he was asleep in a hotel room. Recall that the photos almost attracted blackmail charges against the girls before Wayne Rooney decided to back out.

In less than four days after the photos went viral, one of the girls identified as Elise Melvin reportedly got dumped by her fiance due to the photos.

Melvin’s 26-year-old husband-to-be, Stuart Rodger has reportedly called off their engagement plans immediately after it was confirmed that she was part of the three girls.

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Was Rooney a victim of Blackmail?

Was Rooney a victim of Blackmail?

Wayne Rooney seems to have proven that he has not done anything inappropriate and seems not to be ready to push the case any further. But the big question is, was he a victim of blackmail?

A report recently surfaced on the internet that before the photos showing the football legend asleep in the presence of girls flirting around him went viral, the girls reportedly asked him to give them £10,000 to prevent the pictures from getting to his wife, Coleen.

However, the football star reportedly failed to agree to the deal, hence, the pictures found themselves on the internet. Yet, when Rooney’s legal representatives tried to take the matter up, Rooney reportedly urged them to step down.

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At the time of publishing this report, Coleen is yet to react to the scandal as she is still far away in Wales enjoying the holiday with his four boys.

Meanwhile, the girls had reportedly sold the right to all the pictures taken in the hotel room to Wayne Rooney for just £1.

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A spokesman for Rooney told the Mirror that: “The three girls who took the photographs contacted Wayne’s lawyers and volunteered to hand over all pictures that were taken that night and the copyrights in them.

“They have also, at their suggestion, made a written apology to him for the events that took place and the embarrassment caused.

“These were three decent young women who went for a night out. They did not expect Wayne to end up in their company and are remorseful about how things turned out with the pictures.

“They got carried away and did something they later regretted. They did not expect it to end up in the mainstream media after it was posted on social media and they decided to take steps to put things right.

“It would be wrong to say no money changed hands because when a contract is drawn up there must be a sum and in this case, it was a nominal £1.

“They have fulsomely apologized because they wanted to do what they saw as the right thing and draw a line under the matter.”

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