Wayne Rooney: FA warns Man United legend after revealing how he tried to hurt Chelsea players

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Manchester United legend, Wayne Rooney has confirmed that the English FA has warned him after revealing that he planned and tried to hurt a Chelsea player in 2006.

Last weekend, an interview published by Daily Mail went viral in which Wayne Rooney said he had to change his studs to long metals to hurt someone in a Premier League game between Manchester United and Chelsea.

The retired England international said he decided to wear the long metals because he believed ahead of the game that Chelsea were a better side then and would beat Manchester United.

He ended up inflicting an injury on former Chelsea defender John Terry during the Premier League game which ended 3-0 in favor of Chelsea. Though he planned to injure someone ahead of the game, Wayne Rooney said in the interview that the challenge that left Terry injured was a 50-50 challenge.

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Wayne Rooney’s challenge on John Terry in 2006.

Rooney who is currently the coach of the Championship side, Derby County did not stop there, he went on to reveal that he left a stud in the foot of Terry and had to send him his signed jersey with the aim of retrieving the stud from Chelsea’s legend.

“For that game, I changed them to big, long metal ones – the maximum length you could have because I wanted to try and hurt someone, try and injure someone”, Wayne Rooney said according to Daily Mail.

“I knew they were going to win that game. You could feel they were a better team at the time so I changed my studs.

“The studs were legal but thinking if there’s a challenge there I knew I’d want to go in for it properly, basically. I did actually.

“John Terry left the stadium on crutches. I left a hole in his foot and then I signed my shirt to him after the game.

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“A few weeks later I sent it to him and asked for my stud back.

“If you look back when they were celebrating, JT’s got his crutches from that tackle.”

These comments did not go down well with the English FA. The football body had to investigate the comments and invited Wayne Rooney for questioning.

Also, John Terry who is currently consulting for Chelsea’s football academy took to Twitter to react to Wayne Rooney’s revelation. The Chelsea legend who seems to have forgotten about the incident tweeted: “[Wayne Rooney] is this when you left your stud in my foot?”

Wayne Rooney.
Wayne Rooney.

Ahead of the Championship game between Peterborough and Derby County scheduled to kick off at 16:00 on Saturday, February 19, 2022, Wayne Rooney told reporters that he has explained the comments to the English FA.

“I, obviously, gave my response to the FA, they’ve given me a warning and that’s it, the matter’s been put to bed so we can move on from that”, the Derby County coach said.

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“It is what it is. The FA…it was obviously reported, and they’ve had to look into it. I got a warning. That’s it, it’s done, we move on. The matter’s closed and I’m pleased with that.”

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