WATCH: Peruvian Players Clashed, Fought Spanish Police in Madrid

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Peruvian players clashed with Spanish Police in a Madrid hotel leading to an open brawl in front of fans on Monday night after returning from training.

Peruvian players
Peruvian players clashed fought Spanish police in Madrid

It was a sad incident on Sunday, March 27 as the security operatives engaged some members of the Peruvian squad in a full-blown fight.

Social media footage shows the Police officers trying to cordon off the fans from having access to the players. They lined up in their numbers, mounting a blockade.

According to reports emerging after the incident, the Police officers were said to be protective towards the players while the fans have gathered at the facility to greet the players.

Peruvian players
The Peruvian players wanted to greet the fans after arriving the hotel from training

The security operatives, however, failed to differentiate the players from the fans and attempted to forcefully cut them off the fans before the outburst of violence.

Meanwhile, the Peruvian players were also partly blamed for the melee. After arriving from training back to the hotel, they wanted to greet fans and should have gotten the Police informed of their intentions for an orderly procession.

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Instead, they attempted to break the Police barricade to meet the fans leading to the violent clash.

A fan was heard shouting at the Police asking them to stop because they have mistaken the players for fans but the shout fell on deaf ears as the situation was already spiraling out of control.

Spanish police wanted to prevent disorder by cutting the players off from the fans who had gathered the facility to greet them

A Police officer could be seen violently dragging the shirt of one of the players before other police officers wade into the conflict.

Peruvian goalkeeper Pedro Gallese who was live at the scene of the incident said they were trying to have a handshake, thanking the fans before the Police waded in violently trying to stop them.

He added the Police had mistakenly thought they were the fans gaining authorized access to the hotel but were quick to react before they could explain themselves and their intentions.

“We were just trying to greet our fans before the Police waded in to stop us thinking we are the fans,” Gallese said after the incident.

The police pushed back Peruvian players

While the situation would have been possibly contained in time, the Peruvian players had to immediately defend themselves deepening the quarrel.

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Peruvian FA reacts

After footage of the ugly incident went viral, the Peruvian FA issued a statement addressing the fans and trying to calm the situation.

They also reiterated their stand, supporting their players, including their goalkeeper after the incident but do crave the indulgence of the players to respect and abide by the norms of the countries they visit.

“The Peruvian Football Federation is totally supportive and backs our player and captain Pedro Gallese and have accompanied him since the incident occurred outside the hotel where the team were staying ahead of their friendly against Morocco.

“We reiterate that we are respectful of the authorities and the procedures of each country that we visit.”

They also asked all relevant authorities to plump the depths of the incident and bring to the fore the extant and immediate causes of the incident.

Immediately after the violent clash, it was yet to be confirmed how many people have been arrested after the incident.

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However, a spokesperson for the Spanish Police has confirmed one of the Peruvian players has been arrested after he punched a police officer in the eye during the incident.

The spokesperson also confirmed the police had clear intentions to avert any disorder that would have sprung up in the course of the players trying to meet the fans only for the players to kick against the move.


However, another source close to the incident said the Police started the brawl when they pushed back one of the Peruvian players forcefully triggering a mass response and retaliation by other players who were present.

According to reports, it is not clear how far the matter will be dragged by the authorities but it has been confirmed Peru will go ahead with their friendly against Morocco at the Atletico Madrid stadium as planned. The game will kick-off at 20:30 later tonight, March 28.

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