WATCH: Pep Guardiola Laughs at Manchester United Poor Start to The Season


Pep Guardiola laughed at Manchester United’s underwhelming start to the season during a recent press conference.

Pep Guardiola

When asked about his team’s chances at retaining their league title, Guardiola said:

“You know how strong are Arsenal, yesterday at Goodison Park they are exceptional. Liverpool again, their mentality will continue there.”

One of the reporters present then interrupts to put forward the name of City’s rivals, to which Guardiola offers a chuckle in response. The City boss then says:

“Well they didn’t start like they expected, a bit like Chelsea, but always they are Man United, they are Chelsea, they will take the rhythm.”

Guardiola’s laughter has been interpreted by some as a sign of disrespect for Manchester United, but it is also possible that he was simply amused by the question. Pep Guardiola is a known rival of Manchester United, and he has often spoken about the club in a dismissive way in the past.

It is also worth noting that Guardiola’s Manchester City team has made a perfect start to the season, winning their first five games. This is in stark contrast to Manchester United, who have only won two of their opening five games.

Overall, it is difficult to say for sure why Pep Guardiola laughed when asked about Manchester United. It is possible that he was simply amused by the question, or that he was trying to send a message to his rivals.


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