[VIDEO] Manchester United fans chanting: “Ed Woodward he’s gonna die!”

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Manchester United fans are not hiding their feelings and are ready to put up a fight as they made their feelings crystal clear on the Club’ Direction.  During  Saturday’s 4-0 victory over Norwich City, United fans took a swipe at Ed Woodward, the executive chairman and the Glazer family. 

The Old Trafford Faithful’s , have voiced out their concern in the direction the club is heading especially after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013. Fans could be heard in the stadium  chanting anti-Woodward and Glazer songs during the second half of the match.

Although United  recorded a convincing victory over the Canaries, a victory wasn’t enough to secure supporters faith in the Club.  Supporters couldn’t help but voice their anger towards the club’s hierarchy while chanting vulgar words at the club’s chairman and owners.

This comes as a shock to many as United fans came together  in an anti-Glazer or Woodward chant during a match, which is something that has not happen in awhile.

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Did the fans go overboard or would you say the act is justly?

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