Ernesto Valverde says the Withdrawal Statement by Messi is a Joke – Is this true?

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Ernesto Valverde

Barcelona head coach, Ernesto Valverde is not worrying himself about Lionel Messi retiring anytime soon. Recently, after receiving a record sixth Ballon d’Or, the Argentine says he might quit playing soon.

Following the Barcelona playmaker’s statement, he is thinking of bringing his playing days to an end. He says ”the time of withdrawal is approaching”.

Meanwhile, 32-year-old, Messi, passes his life-time rival Cristiano Ronaldo in the Ballon d’Or race on Monday. When he beat Portugal forward and Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk in the challenge.

In his interview after receiving the award, the Barcelona star said that he knows that he is getting old. And likely to quit football soon.

Later reports reveal through his Barca teammate Luis Suarez insisting that Messi’s comments are false. He says the Argentinian is a great player will “continue for a long while yet”.

Valverde is not worrying himself about Messi retiring soon

Also, Valverde says it is right to think about retirement and sees that Messi’s comments are normal. It is, still, rightful for a 30-year-old player to think about his withdrawal.

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“Leo is 32 years old and, although I don’t think he is thinking about retirement. It is something that is there in the future”, Valverde said.

“When a player goes over 30 years old, he always sees the end closer than when he starts. But come on, I think it goes around too much.

He ended by saying ”You have to see it naturally. It happens to everyone as the years go by. To think about it doesn’t mean it’s going to be in three days.”

The Spanish professional manager is proud to coach Leo and will boast of him in the future. Also, will tell the next generation how close they have been.

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