Uruguay coach Marcelo Bielsa Berates Current State Of Football, See 2024 Copa America Semi-finals Fixtures


Uruguay coach Marcelo Bielsa has expressed his concerns about the state of football, declaring that the sport is on the decline.

Despite leading Uruguay to the Copa America semifinals with a surprise victory over Brazil, Bielsa criticized the quality of the tournament and the standard of players and teams.

Marcelo Bielsa

In a recent interview, the 68-year-old Argentine coach stated that the game of football is not as enthusiastic as it was as people are not deriving more pleasure from it.

Bielsa said: “I am sure that football is in a process of decline, that is to say, that more and more people are watching football, but it is becoming less and less attractive because what made it the best game in the world is not there.”

“If you let a lot of people watch football, but you don’t protect the pleasure of what they watch, that favors business because the business is that a lot of people watch football.”

Marcelo Bielsa opposes the use of VAR

Uruguay coach Marcelo Bielsa also expressed his strong opposition to the use of video refereeing in football, stating that it does more harm than good to the sport.

Bielsa believes that the introduction of video refereeing makes football too predictable, ultimately diminishing its appeal.

On video refereeing, the Argentine noted: “For me, it does a lot of harm to football. This sport has a particularity: when it becomes completely predictable, it loses its appeal.”

In his words, Bielsa argues that football is not just about the game itself, but also about the cultural significance and identification that it brings to fans around the world.

According to the Argentine boss, the focus on controversial decisions, debates, and accusations caused by VAR only serves to deteriorate the overall atmosphere in football.

However, he warns that as the game becomes less enjoyable and less worth watching, the artificial increase in viewership will eventually come to a halt.

As a solution, Bielsa suggests that football fans and players should ignore the negative impact of video refereeing and instead focus on the true essence of the sport.

By preserving the unique and beloved aspects of football, Bielsa believes that the game can continue to thrive and maintain its appeal for generations to come.

He added: “What we should all do is ignore this scenario that is presented to us where controversy, discussion, accusation, the determination of responsibility, become an obsession that deteriorates the climate in which football must be played.”

Bielsa speaks on congested fixtures in football

Uruguay coach Marcelo Bielsa highlighted the demanding fixture schedule as a major factor contributing to the high number of injuries suffered by players.

He said this while providing an update on Ronald Araujo’s injury during the Copa America match against Brazil.

Bielsa emphasized the importance of considering the toll that playing 40-50 games in a season, followed by the challenge of playing twice a week, can take on elite players.

He said: “It’s important to note that when the full season ends, the one that started in August and ended in June in Europe, players accumulate between 40 and 50 games. Then comes the challenge of playing twice a week.”

He noted that while playing twice a week is common for European players, the intensity of doing so for an extended period can lead to an increased risk of injuries.

“All elite players in Europe play twice a week. It’s one thing to do it regularly for nine months and another to repeat it in the 10th and 11th month.”

On Araujo’s injury, Bielsa stated that further tests would be conducted to determine the severity of the injury.

2024 Copa America Semi final fixtures

Uruguay defeated Brazil in a 4-2 penalty shootout, securing their spot in the Copa America semifinals where they will face Colombia who defeated Panama 5-0.

The highly anticipated match is slated for Thursday, July 11 at 01:00 am.

Defending champions Argentina will face Canada in the other semi-final in New Jersey on Wednesday, July 10 at 01:00 am.


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