Two teammates from Glen Waverley Football Club Performed Public Sexual Act

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Glen Waverley
Glen Waverley Football Club

Two teammates from Glen Waverley Football Club based in Melbourne, Australia were filmed performing a ‘public sex act’ during Mad Monday celebrations on the 14th of August, 2022 after the team’s final match of the season.

In a video clip that went viral, one player can be seen exposing his genitals while another man performs a sex act on him.

This happened in a public bar in the presence of their teammates who cheered them on.

It was reported that the two men were heavily drunk after a wild day of alleged drunken partying earlier this month at a local bar when one challenged the other to a dare, requiring the loser to perform oral sex on the winner.

Shockingly, the man who lost the bet didn’t hesitate to complete the sexual task in the middle of a bar while other teammates stunningly stared at them.

To make matters worse, a complaint has been filed against this group of players for being abusive to other people in the bar.

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Witnesses at the bar confessed that the sex act wasn’t the only thing that took place that day.

They told the Herald Sun that the players smashed glassware at the bar and danced on tables. The observers also said the players made a complete mess of the whole bar including the toilets that were left in a state of disrepair and covered in vomit by the players.

However, the players involved in this unprofessional and shameful act are yet to be identified but the Glen Waverley Football Club has confirmed the players involved are members of the club’s senior playing group and confirmed the video was taken this week during end-of-season celebrations.

Although the club claimed the identity of the players involved in this public sex act has not been singled out but based on the recognition of the players involved in the sexual act by the club as members of the senior team, it’s prudent to say they know who these players are.

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The Glen Waverley Football Club has been compelled to release a statement showing their vexation following the viral incident, saying they are “extremely saddened and disappointed in the behavior”.

The Glen Waverley Football Club authority has vowed to discipline the players involved in this homosexual act including the other teammates who watched and filmed them.

A statement from the club read: “The Club is taking immediate action to address the serious breach of our culture and values that have occurred within this incident. The individuals involved, along with the broader playing group will be both disciplined & educated and if need be, counseled in the type of conduct expected by members of our Club, along with the physical & emotional impact this has had on the families involved, club members, players, and the wider community.”

The Glen Waverley Football and Netball Club released a letter to its members and the wider community to state the players involved will be disciplined.

The Glen Waverley Football Club is an Australian rules football team that started operation in 1973. The club is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and is part of the Eastern Football League.

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The Glen Waverley Football Club is the most respected, successful, and decorated club in the Waverley and surrounding area.

Moreover, it seems the respectable image of the club has been dyed black after the clip which contains a public sexual act of two of their senior players went viral on social media. The Glen Waverley Football Club are likely to be sanctioned for not conducting their players well.

Likewise, the players involved in this public sexual act may lose their jobs with the club as the Glen Waverley Football Club authority has vowed to deal with them.

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